The Bruce Protocol Treadmill Test: How To Estimate Your VO2 Max

There are various metrics that can be useful for providing information about your health and fitness. Examples include your resting heart rate, heart rate recovery, body fat percentage, one-rep max (1RM) for different weightlifting exercises, and your anaerobic threshold. For endurance athletes, particularly, your VO2 max is a helpful indicator of your aerobic fitness. While … Read more

What’s A Good Vertical Oscillation Running? + 5 Tips To Improve Yours

Vertical oscillation running is an aspect of the running stride and your running technique that can affect your running gait efficiency and speed. But, what is vertical oscillation when running? What is a good vertical oscillation running? How can you improve your running vertical oscillation? In this article, we will discuss what vertical oscillation with … Read more

Does Athletic Greens Work? The Evidence -Or Lack Thereof – For Greens Powders

It often seems like every other podcast, Instagram ad in your feed, and banner ad on the side of a webpage has a spot for some sort of greens powder. From Athletic Greens to Bloom, we seem to be flooded with calls to action to buy a do-it-all elixir in the form of some magical … Read more

Ground Contact Time For Runners Explained + 3 Tips To Improve Yours

Your ground contact time running is a metric that measures the length of time of the “stance phase“ of the gait cycle, which is the weight-bearing portion of the running stride. But what is ground contact time balance when running? What is a good ground contact time running? How can you decrease your running ground … Read more

Cardiorespiratory Endurance Explained + 20 Ways To Improve Yours

If you are an endurance athlete, such as a marathon runner, a long-distance cyclist, or a long-course triathlon, you are likely aware that there are many different approaches to training to improve your cardiovascular endurance for your sport. But, what is cardiorespiratory endurance, and why is it so important? What about the best cardiorespiratory endurance … Read more

Pulled Muscle? Here Are The Symptoms + 6 Recovery Tips

It’s happened to most of us: your workout is going really well, and then all of a sudden, you feel a sharp pain in your muscle, almost like a cramp, and realize you’ve pulled a muscle. Or, perhaps everything seemed copacetic during your workout, but in the hours afterward, it begins to become evident that … Read more

Do Massage Guns Work? 5 Proven Benefits Of Massage Guns

There are many potential benefits of using a massage gun, such as increasing circulation, improving flexibility, and decreasing muscle soreness and stiffness. For these reasons, massage guns have become an increasingly popular workout recovery modality for recreational to competitive and elite athletes alike. If you are an avid runner, cyclist, weightlifter, or another type of athlete, … Read more

The 3 Stages of Altitude Acclimatization: How To Acclimate To Altitude Properly

In the summer of 2021, I moved from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, to Colorado Springs, Colorado. In doing so, I went from living and training at 1,000 feet of elevation to 6,500 feet of elevation. Over the next few weeks and months, I spent much time researching and figuring out how to acclimate to altitude properly. … Read more

The Anaerobic Threshold Explained + 6 Workouts To Help Increase It

There are many concepts of training that endurance athletes have to become familiar with. A common example is VO2 max. Another important physiological metric for runners, cyclists, triathletes, and other endurance athletes is the anaerobic threshold.  So, what is anaerobic threshold? How do you increase your anaerobic threshold, and why does it matter? In this … Read more

How To Boost Happy Hormones Naturally

There shouldn’t be one person in the world who doesn’t want to be happy. However, as hard as we may try, happiness doesn’t always come naturally, and sometimes, given the challenges of life, a genetic predisposition to depression, and other struggles, we will have to work at trying to be happy. Some people have heard … Read more

Do Runners Slow Down As They Age? How Age Affects Running

Almost everyone will attest that aging isn’t an easy process, and we all want our bodies and minds to stay as young, spry, and fit as possible. However, though many things in life are rather unpredictable, aging is an inevitable process that happens to all of us. With advanced age comes a host of physical and … Read more

How To Increase Lactate Threshold: 2 Surefire Training Methods

Lactate threshold is an important but often poorly understood concept for runners and endurance athletes. Many runners know that increasing their lactate threshold is a good thing but aren’t sure how to improve lactate threshold from a practical perspective. In this article, we will discuss how to increase lactate threshold, why lactate threshold training is … Read more

Static Stretching Vs Dynamic Stretching, Explained And Compared

If there’s one aspect of training that most runners will admit that they tend to “cut corners” or skimp on, it’s stretching. We are often eager to get out the door for our run, so we may skip any type of pre-workout stretching routine, and once we have finished the run, we might hop on … Read more

Does Jumping In The Hot Tub After A Workout Boost Recovery?

Runners often hear about the benefits of sitting in an ice bath after a workout—if they can muster the grit—but what about getting in a hot tub after a workout? Does jumping in the hot tub after a workout boost recovery? Are there benefits of soaking in a jacuzzi after workouts? And, if you do … Read more