The 10 Best Running Blogs And Running Websites In 2023

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Do Higher Cushioned Running Shoes Actually Reduce Injury? Here’s The Latest Research

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8 Benefits Of Incline Walking + Helpful Tips To Get Started

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Running Gait Analysis: What To Expect + Benefits + How It Works

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Running And Mental Health: The Remarkable Benefits Of Running

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When Is The Best Time To Work Out? Maximize Results By Timing Your Exercise

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Why Is My Resting Heart Rate So High? 9 Notable Causes Explained

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How To Start Running When Overweight: Our Complete Guide

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The Lunch Run: How To Perfect Your Midday Workout

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Running Safety On the Road & Trails: 8 Tips To Stay Safe While Running

Right off the bat, running doesn’t seem like an extreme sport. However, there are potential risks and hazards that we can avoid if the correct precautions are taken. Controlling these factors and following some basic running safety rules can aid in keeping us free from harm. From frigid temperature to the gear, GPS tracking systems, … Read more

Walking A Half Marathon: How To + Training Guide

So, you want to walk a half marathon? That’s a great goal! Walking a half marathon is a wonderful way to jumpstart your fitness, prepare your body for running (if that’s your goal), and feel accomplished.  While walking is less impactful on the body than running, it still requires training. Walking 13.1 miles or 21 … Read more