Running With Asthma: 12 Tips For Running Safely And Successfully

If you have asthma, you’re likely familiar with the fact that exercise can potentially exacerbate your symptoms. What can be confusing for people with asthma is that healthcare providers and medical literature often recommend exercise to reduce the severity of the condition, yet running with asthma can sometimes cause a notable worsening of symptoms such … Read more

Pain On the Top of Your Foot? 5 Common Causes + Helpful Tips

There are few things more frustrating to runners than injuries. Just when everything seems to be clicking with your training and you’re crushing your workouts, a niggle crops up, threatening to sideline you.  From knee pain to shin splints, there are numerous common running injuries, and studies show that up to 79.3% of runners deal … Read more

When Is It Too Cold To Run Outside? + 7 Tips For Running In The Cold

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How To Break In New Running Shoes: Guide, Benefits + 7 Pro Tips

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5 Pros and Cons Of Fasted Cardio: Exercising On An Empty Stomach

Between the increased popularity of intermittent fasting over the past several years and the logistical need for many runners to head out the door for their daily miles first thing in the morning, it’s not uncommon for runners and other athletes to find themselves running on an empty stomach or doing fasted cardio.  Some morning … Read more

An Expert Coach’s Bookcase: The 5 Best Running Books To Inspire You

When it comes to the best running books, they can pretty much be categorized into two distinct groups – guides or personal reflections. The first is a manual of sorts, a “guide” that aims to explain the science and philosophy behind running, speed, and so on. The second group is more biographical in nature, such … Read more

Should Runners Take Vitamin D For Recovery?

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13 Tips To Balance Running And Being a Parent

Life is always a balancing act, with shifting priorities and responsibilities, and we sometimes eliminate activities we deem nonessential in order to focus on more important tasks. Running, for example, may fall to the wayside once children come along. While everything seems to change when you become a parent, however, with a little imagination and … Read more

What Is a Running Streak? How To Join The Run Streak Community!

Ever heard of a running streak? Put simply, a running streak is when you run every single day. Runners who hold a run streak are called ‘run streakers’, and they are part of a growing community. Running streakers don’t just go unchecked however, there are actually two official run streak bodies. The Streak Runners International … Read more

Do Compression Socks Work for Running Performance and Recovery?

“Do compression socks work for running – whether in improving running performance or recovery?” It’s something a lot of runners have wondered – especially given the amount of compression products out there. Compression technology was initially designed to help improve blood flow in post-surgical patients or people with circulatory problems, but recently it has taken … Read more