The 9 Best At Home Movable Ellipticals in 2023

An elliptical machine—also known as a cross trainer—is one of the best pieces of equipment to include in your home gym. It gives you all the benefits of a full-body cardio workout but uses impact-free gliding movements that protect your joints from stress. Ideal for everyone from seasoned athletes to people recovering from injuries, an … Read more

The 9 Best Sunglasses For Running in 2023

Sunglasses may not immediately spring to mind as an essential part of your running gear. But if you’ve ever experienced the discomfort of squinting against blazing sunshine during a long run, you’ll know just how important they can be! Wearing sunglasses as you train helps you see more clearly, improving your performance. Crucially, it’s important … Read more

The 4 Best Foam Rollers of 2023

Foam rollers are a beneficial recovery tool used to help relieve muscle soreness and aid in injury recovery. Foam rolling can help increase recovery time and decrease post-workout soreness when used correctly and regularly.  If you are an athlete, you have probably heard of foam rollers and have a basic understanding of their purpose. If … Read more

Best 4 Sports Bras for Large Busts

If you have large breasts, being active can be a pain. Finding good sports bras for large breasts is essential as it provides essential support and minimizes discomfort during physical activity.  Without proper support, the breasts can move excessively, which causes discomfort and even pain for some women. Did you know this can even lead … Read more

The Best Running Poles in 2023

If you love trail running then you’ll be familiar with the hazards of racing on uneven terrain. Rocky ground, obstacles, and loose scree can all present challenges, potentially leading to falls and interrupting your training. Trail running poles are the answer, and investing in the right set can give you the traction you need on … Read more

How Leg Recovery Boots Work and The 6 Best Leg Compression Boots for Runners

Recovery time forms an important part of your training schedule, and you may already be using activities like power walking, yoga, and foam rolling during your active rest days. But more and more athletes are finding a new way to recover after intense activity – and that’s by using compression boots. Originally designed to treat … Read more