Preworkout For Running: Should You Take It?

Can drinking a preworkout before a training session improve your running performance? Have you ever had a session planned for after work, but as it becomes time to clock out and head to the track, your energy levels are drained from a long day at the office?  Or maybe you planned a long run but … Read more

Our Top 6 Salt Tablets For Runners

Running for long distances or in hot weather is all about trying to keep your body cool and hydrated. Guzzling fluids to keep up with your hydration needs is important – however, hydration for runners is often more complex than just drinking plain water. This is where salt tablets come in! If it’s hot outside, … Read more

7 Best Supplements For Runners

We all know that in order to maintain the physical health and wellness your body needs to run well, you need to eat “right.”  This entails consuming a well-balanced, nutrient-dense diet with a wide variety of foods. Different foods provide different nutrients the body needs to not only perform well while running, but also to … Read more