Interview with Stefan Betzelt, founder of the GlobalLimits Race Series

The GlobalLimits race series is a collection of boutique stage races set in far-flung and culturally rich countries; Cambodia, Bhutan, and Albania. The series was founded by Stefan Betzelt, an experienced ultra-runner in his own right who realized no-one was organizing the types of races he wanted to run himself. Having run the Cambodia and … Read more

Global Limits Cambodia – The Ancient Khmer Path Stage Race – Race Report

Global Limits currently organise three annual semi-supported multi-stage races in exotic locales around the world – Bhutan, Cambodia and Sri Lanka.  The Global Limits Cambodia race takes part in rural and ancient parts of the Cambodian countryside, taking in amazing temples, natural landmarks and rural scenes.

They keep their races small (under 50 runners) and the focus is on interacting with the locals, seeing some amazing locations and having an enjoyable week.

After running their Sri Lanka race in April 2015 I went back for more in Cambodia in December.  Here’s how the week went down (warning: ultra-long post ahead!):

By Thomas Watson

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