The Ultimate Guide To Cross Training For Runners

Cross training for runners is essential to a sustainable, healthy, strong, and injury-free running journey. Cross-training involves mixing up your training program with other activities—such as weight training, yoga, or swimming—to help you level up your running, keep you injury-free, and hit new PRs. However, when done incorrectly, cross-training can negatively impact your running game. … Read more

Our Complete Strength Training Plan For Runners: 7 Dynamite Exercises

Including strength training in your weekly routine is important to be a well-rounded, strong athlete and runner, help you remain injury-free, and perform at your best in your training sessions and races. In this guide, we have created a strength training program for runners designed to help support your needs as an athlete to improve … Read more

Squats for Runners Guide: How To, Benefits, + 20 Variations To Try

If there’s one staple exercise in a runner’s strength training program, it’s, you guessed it, squats! Bodyweight squats, goblet squats, pulse squats, squat jacks, the list goes on; these squats for runners are full of excellent benefits.  Squats are a compound exercise that strengthens legs, improves running, and even helps avoid overuse injuries. They work … Read more