Running a Marathon Without Training: Potential Risks + Essential Training Blocks

If you’re considering running a marathon without training, you may have your reasons.  Maybe your work schedule got busy and you didn’t have time to get through your marathon training plan.  Maybe you got sick and found it hard to stay motivated after you recovered.  Maybe your half marathon was canceled so you didn’t bother … Read more

How The Ugandans Train For a Marathon

In this post, endurance athlete and coach Mark Callaghan shares his experiences training in Uganda, and how the runners there train for a marathon. Mark is involved with Run Kapchorwa, a running tourism project which supports and promotes community sport development. East African athletes have dominated the endurance running scene since the 1990’s. Kenyan and … Read more

Essential Guide To Training For Your First Marathon (+ Training Plans)

Here’s my guide to preparation and training for your first-ever marathon – including marathon training plans, pace advice and gear info . . . Your First Marathon Running your first marathon is life changing. In order to get to that fabled finish line, you first have to commit to a huge amount of training and … Read more

Our Complete Marathon Training Guide: How To Train For a Marathon

Marathon training can be an extremely rewarding experience as you prepare to get yourself to the starting line. However, it is also a huge commitment – which is why it’s so important to prepare for those 26.2 miles correctly. Let us guide you through the process with our training tips, free marathon training plans, and … Read more

How Long Does It Take To Train For A Marathon?

Running a marathon is a serious personal challenge, and your success depends a lot on how much marathon training time you have invested in the months leading up to the big day. But how long does it actually take to train for a marathon? It all depends on your base running fitness level, as we’ll … Read more

How to Prepare For A Marathon – The Essential Guide

I’ve written a lot about running marathons – whether it’s how to beat the 4-hr mark, how to train for one in under three months or why you shouldn’t run one. In this post, I’ve distilled down all the discussion and advice into seven key points. Without further ado, here we go: 1. Design a … Read more