17 Pieces Of 2024 Running Gear We Can’t Wait To Use

Our editorial team's selections of must-have pieces for training next year

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While you don’t have to run in fancy gear, having the best running shoes for your feet, the best running apparel for the season and the best running accessories can make your training and racing more comfortable and safe.

The Marathon Handbook team has been at it again and has picked our favorite new running shoes, clothing, gear, and more for 2024 that we think almost every runner will love!

As we wrap up 2023, let’s jump into our list of the best new running gear for 2024!

Our Top 17 Picks For The Best Running Gear In 2024!

#1: Brooks Run Visible Insulated Vest

I am a huge fan of the entire Brooks Run Visible collection.

These pieces have premium reflective features so drivers can see you when you are running in the dark, which is essential for safety during early morning or late night runs or any winter running in low light conditions.

I particularly love the Brooks Run Visible Insulated Vest. 

It has just the right amount of insulation to keep you warm without being bulky with unnecessary thick sleeves.

This means you can layer it over a good thermal base layer for chilly days or wear it under a full-running jacket for brutally cold winter runs.

It is also wind-resistant and water-resistant, helping you stay warm and dry no matter what the winter weather throws at you.

What I love is that the insulation is super soft and compliant to your body so that it doesn’t feel bulky, and the running vest doesn’t jostle around or swish with irritating noises.

Brooks running has perfectly fused performance, comfort, and fashion in this top-of-the-line winter running vest.

#2: Hyperice Venom Go

If there is one thing that almost all runners would love greater access to, it would be massage. However, professional sports massages for runners are expensive and time-consuming.

The Hyperice Venom Go is a super convenient, portable, compact heat and massage device that you can apply to sore muscles before or after a run.

I got to test it out at TRE, and it was very easy to use. It has nine customization options to get just the recovery massage treatment you need.

What’s great is that you can strap it onto the target treatment area and go about your business while receiving relaxing vibrations and heat treatments anywhere on your body.

#3: Hyperice Hypersphere Go

Runners who tend to get stiff and sore, like me, are always looking for the best foam rollers, massage guns, and recovery tools for runners.

The problem with many of these devices is that they are bulky and cumbersome.

The Hyperice Hypersphere Go is a TSA-compliant little vibrating massage ball that fits in the palm of your hand.

This tiny, mighty gadget delivers various speeds of vibrating massage, combining the effects of a massage gun and a lacrosse ball self-myofascial release for tight muscles in one.

I definitely see this as a product that should earn a spot on any list of the best recovery tools for runners.

It can also be helpful for warming up tight calves, hamstrings, or glutes prior to a run.

#4: Outdoor Research Deviator Hoodie

The Outdoor Research Deviator Hoodie is my pick for the best running jacket at The Running Event 2023.

It features a proprietary insulating technology that allows it to have almost a honeycomb shape to be warm yet extremely lightweight and breathable yet insulating.

These sound like contradictory statements, which is ultimately why this impressive running jacket blew me away—it hit all these notes.

In fact, due to this special insulating technology termed VerticalX Octa, the OR Deviator Jacket can provide just as much insulation as traditional polyester in one-half the weight. 

It’s all too common to find that winter running jackets feel bulky and heavy, and this running jacket seems like a game changer in those regards.

It also felt buttery soft to the touch on the inside and had a nice smooth exterior so that it hugs your body without feeling bulky, stiff, or crinkly as you run.

The rep at the Outdoor Research booth told me that the Deviator Running Jacket recently won an award for being the most innovative running jacket of 2023, and I completely concur.

I also think it would work well for spring and fall running because it is just so light and breathable, making it a great three-season running jacket.

#5: Ultimate Direction Race Vesta 6.0

Ultimate Direction Makes some of the best hydration packs and accessories for runners.

Katelyn was able to test out the Race Vesta 6.0 and immediately fell in love with how lightweight it felt, and functional it is.

As an avid ultramarathoner, she has tested tons of hydration vests for runners and various hydration packs. She said this one was super comfortable, extremely lightweight, and didn’t bounce at all while she ran.

There is a female-specific fit and a men’s fit as well.

This just goes to show the attention to detail in differences in anatomy that Ultimate Direction employs in products for runners, helping ensure that you get the best-fitting running hydration pack to prevent chafing, discomfort, or bouncing.

Personally, I loved the colors of the Ultimate Direction Race Vesta 6.0 as well. 

It’s super cute, and it was easy to spot Katelyn in a sea of people I didn’t know just by honing in on the beautiful pastel blue and purple as she sported the running hydration vest.

#6: Brooks High Point Waterproof Pants

When the weather is cold, you can throw on a pair of running tights and stay fairly comfortable, but when it is windy, raining, or sleeting, even the best running tights won’t keep your legs dry and comfortable.

The Brooks High Point Waterproof Running Pants are the solution to this problem.

I live and train in the Northeast, so spring, fall, and winter running are often marked by sloppy road conditions for some uncomfortable precipitation.

While I can get away with running in shorts when it is rainy but warm, I have yet to find a good solution for those cold winter runs when it is sleeting or the roads are covered in slush that my feet keep kicking onto the backs of my legs.

The Brooks High Point Waterproof Running Pants are lightweight and completely waterproof. They are light enough to be worn alone for milder conditions or can be layered over running tights for cold winter runs.

Ultimately, these are some of the best running pants I have seen both in terms of performance and function. I think they could definitely decrease the reticence to get outside and train when there is wild and wet weather.

#7: Brooks High Point Waterproof Running Jacket

To match the Brooks High Point Waterproof Pants for running is the Brooks High Point Waterproof Running Jacket.

It’s feather lightweight and perfect for rainy spring or fall runs or to layer on top of base layers for wet winter runs.

If you’re looking for the best running rain jacket, I’d say the Brooks High Point Waterproof Running Jacket looks primed to eat that accolade.

#8: Oiselle Flyout Long Sleeve Running Shirt

Oiselle is a running brand dedicated to helping women feel strong, connected, and empowered through running. 

While I have heard of the brand and certainly love the mission, I had never seen any Oiselle running apparel or gear in real life.

At TRE 2023, I had the opportunity to meet the new CEO of Oiselle and touch and test some of the current and upcoming 2024 Oiselle running clothing and accessories.

I fell in love with the Oiselle Flyout Long Sleeve Running Shirt. 

It’s crazy lightweight and buttery soft because it features Oiselle Flyout™ fabric (a blend of polyester, Tencel, and spandex) and the brand’s proprietary HoverFit® technology.

Basically, this innovative running tab for women literally hovers over your skin rather than clinging to it, adding sun protection and a little bit of warmth while not compromising your movement in the slightest.

It feels like you are not wearing anything but the whispers of the softest clouds.

I love the attention to detail for runners in the Oiselle Flyout Long Sleeve running shirt such as the thumb holes so that the sleeves stay put, especially if you are trying to layer a running jacket on top, and there is the signature Watch Window.

No longer will you need to pull up your sleeves to check your split on your running watch; the built-in window allows you to get all the stats you need even though your arms are comfortably covered for chillier running weather.

#9: Nathan Interval Running Tights

For everyday, reliable running tights at an affordable price point, I love the Nathan Interval Running Tights.

These work great for fall, mild winter, and cooler spring runs because they are relatively lightweight but warm enough to keep you comfortable aside from those bitterly cold winter running days.

There are a couple of specific features that I love about these running tights compared to many others.

For one, they have two side pockets along with a back pocket, so you can carry quite a bit of gear while keeping your hands free. The material itself has fantastic stretch. It provides enough compression without feeling super tight.

The wide waistband gives a little support to your lower abs if you have a little bit of a belly, and the tights stay in place even if you have the pockets loaded up.

Another perk is that the Nathan Interval Running Tights feature a wind and water-resistant material that dries very quickly, so whether you sweat a lot or end up getting caught in a rainstorm, the tights keep you relatively dry and comfortable.

Plus, because the material tends to repel water and the seams are nice and flat, it is really easy to peel them off when your fingers are numb after a cold run, or you’ve gotten soaked after running in the rain.

#10: Maple UnTapped Energy Gel Replacement 

Our team here at Marathon Handbook unanimously agreed that the best running nutrition or fueling product that we saw at TRE was the line of UnTapped Maple Syrup energy gels.

In fact, on the second day, we went on a run together as a trio, and Katelyn, our senior editor, gave Thomas a packet of this maple syrup elixir because he had wanted to have a banana before the run but ran out of time.

Unlike regular energy gels that are goopy, thick, and cloyingly sweet with artificial substances, the UnTapped Maple syrup packets are completely natural energy gel alternatives for runners: pure maple syrup.

Thomas was able to easily suck down a salted maple syrup energy gel while talking without missing a beat.

He said that it was not only delicious but easy to ingest while running and settled quickly and easily in his stomach, giving him great energy without cramps or the need for additional water.

Why not go natural when it tastes better, works better, and it’s easier to consume while running?

I imagine these are going to be in all of our race-day fuel bags moving forward.

#11: Ciele GOCap Elite – Circle C Running Hat

Ciele makes premium running hats and caps for all weather conditions—from blazing hot summer runs where you need sun protection in a super-ventilated running cap to windproof, waterproof, and insulated winter running caps for inclement cold weather.

I love all the Ciele running hats that I’ve tested, but the Ciele GOCap Elite Circle C is my current pick for the best running cap overall.

It is supremely lightweight—weighing only 43 g, so you can basically forget that you are wearing any type of hat safe for the protection you will get from the sun, rain, or whatever weather is thrown your way.

Plus, Ciele backs all the hats for running with a lifetime guarantee—a sure sign you’re getting a premium product.

#12: Janji Mercury Run Jogger

Not every runner likes to run in tights or leggings, which is where the option of having something looser like the Janji Mercury Run Joggers becomes my go-to recommendation as the best running pants.

There’s honestly so much to love about these running pants that I wear them running, working out at the gym, and even just lounging around the house because they’re so comfortable I can’t get myself to take them off.

The Janji Mercury Run Joggers are not only exceptionally soft but also designed for high performance. In other words, these aren’t just cozy loungewear but rather running pants designed to keep you warm, wick away sweat and moisture, and be super lightweight.

They have a slim enough profile that they aren’t flapping around, and the material does not get caught on itself between your legs as you run. This is largely afforded by the four-way stretch fabric used (as a perk, these are sustainable pants!).

I love that there are two zippered pockets on either side, as well as a larger zip pocket in the back that lies nice and flat.

I can put my phone in there, an energy gel for longer runs, or my hotel room key when I am running while traveling.

If you haven’t tried any Janji running apparel in the past, you might not know what the hype is all about, but I strongly suggest trying the Janji Mercury Run Joggers.

I think you will quickly find that you have a new favorite pair of running pants or workout pants.

#13: Saucony Ride 17 Running Shoes


Saucony is always on the cutting edge in terms of designing and manufacturing innovative, performance-driven running shoes.

The brand has two super exciting launches slated for 2024 running shoes, both of which are impressive updates of two of the most popular Saucony running shoes (the Ride 17 and Guide 17).

The Saucony Ride running shoes are entering their 17th update in 2024, and have long been one of the favorite models for everyday runners looking for a lightweight yet cushioned neutral running shoe.

The Saucony Ride 17 is the most exciting update to date because it is a full transformation of the entire shoe to improve ground contact, comfort, and cushioning.

Now, runners will get to enjoy the upgraded Saucony PWRRUN+ cushioning, which is the brand’s premium cushioning material.

It is super lightweight and responsive while still giving you all of the joint force absorption that you would expect from the most cushioned running shoes.

This is a huge upgrade from the Saucony Ride 16 and all of the previous versions, which used the PWRRUN cushioning. 

Moving to PWRRUN+ in the Saucony Ride 17 vs 16 reduces weight and improves the energy return to the runner by 10%.

The upper of the shoe has also been completely re-designed with an engineered mesh for greater breathability around the toes and enhanced wrapping around the midfoot to lock your foot in place without being overly snug.

Overall, it’s a huge revamp of one of the most beloved Saucony running shoes and is one of those situations where you won’t be desperately searching for old models online because you can’t stand the upgrade, but rather jumping at the chance to replace your old Saucony Ride running shoes with the upcoming Ride 17.

#14: Hoka Mach 6 Running Shoes

One of the running shoes that I am most excited for and certainly is preemptively earning a spot on my list of the best 2024 running shoes is the upcoming Hoka Mach 6, which is slated to debut in March.

I had the opportunity to test out this shoe and see samples at TRE, and I can honestly say that the Hoka Mach 6 looks to be a game changer in the arena of the best racing shoes or best lightweight running shoes for performance.

I am a huge fan of Hoka One One running shoes because I desperately need the cushioning.

While there is certainly a large contingent of runners who poo poo maximalist running shoes, for runners like me who have severe osteoarthritis in a joint or otherwise just do better with a highly cushioned running shoe, you can’t find better maximalist running shoes than Hokas.

However, it is generally somewhat of an oxymoron to think that you can have a maximalist racing shoe or maximalist running shoe for speed workouts because having more cushioning materials generally means that the shoe is heavier, softer, and less responsive.

What is fantastic about the 2024 Hoka Mach 6 running shoes is that they are lightweight and responsive so that you can run fast without sacrificing speed, yet you still get a plush and cushioned midsole to keep your feet and joints feeling good.

I foresee the Hoka Mach 6 being fantastic for longer speed workouts, and certainly it as one of the best shoes for marathon running when you want to have a good marathon racing shoe without having to run in a traditional road racing flat that has no cushioning or support.

The major advantage of the Hoka Mach 6 vs Mach 5 is that the brand has re-engineered the cushioning to now be a single-density foam instead of a dual-density foam cushioning in the midsole.

But, it’s not like you are losing cushioning; instead, Hoka has designed a single-density Super Critical Foam, which makes the shoe lighter and more responsive, so that you almost feel like you are getting some forward propulsion.

The single density also seems to enhance proprioception somewhat and makes the running shoe feel like it is simply an extension of your own foot for enhanced running.

I am looking forward to doing longer tempo runs and marathon racing in the Hoka Mach 6, the shoe that I am foretelling to be the best 2024 marathon running shoes.

#15: Xero Mesa Trail II Running Shoes

17 Pieces Of 2024 Running Gear We Can’t Wait To Use 1

Xero running shoes are one of the best barefoot running shoes on the market.

Marathon Handbook’s Founder and CEO, Thomas, is a huge fan of the Xero Mesa Trail II running shoes.

This is a lightweight, minimalist running shoe with a durable and protective outsole, a moisture-wicking lining for breathability, and adjustable midfoot and instep straps to get just the right fit on your foot.

Many of the best trail running shoes are unduly heavy, and what we love about Xero running shoes—the Mesa Trail 2 in particular—is that they are supremely lightweight, weighing in at just 6.7 ounces.

Another great feature of these trail running shoes is that the model strips away everything you don’t need and gives you excellent traction in the outsole welded to the breathable, flexible upper.

The thin and flexible sole gives you enhanced proprioception on the trails, the wider toe box promotes natural foot splay when you land, and the 0mm heel-to-toe drop encourages midfoot striking for better running form.

Although it will take some time to adjust to zero-drop running shoes, you should consider adding the Xero Shoes Mesa Trail II to your running shoe rotation as an option for the best 2024 trail running shoes.

#16: Reebok FloatZig1 Running Shoes


This relatively low-heel drop shoe has a 6 mm difference between the heel and toe, helping to encourage midfoot striking.

The Reebok FloatZig1 features the brand’s iconic zig shape for energy return and enhanced cushioning.

This Reebok running shoe is even lighter than previous Reebok Zig running shoes, and it features upgrades such as enhanced mesh with reinforced mid-foot panels, targeted foam around the heel for better cushioning, a secure heel lock for pronation control, and more cushioning in the tongue and collar for better support to provide an intimate fit.

Runners will love how springy the Reebok FloatZig1 running shoes feel.

I must admit that I was dubious that the zig-zag sole was unnecessary and more for aesthetics than actually serving an effective purpose.

However, when I tested these running shoes, I had to stare my preconceived notions directly in the face and realize that sometimes funky innovations are actually supremely successful.

While I haven’t personally been a Reebok running shoe fan for most of my 25-year running career thus far, this running shoe has earned a spot in my upcoming 2024 running shoe rotation.

#17: Paka 3/4 Performance Socks

Let’s face it: there is an abundance of choices when it comes to trying to pick the best running socks.

While every runner will have their preferences, I love the brand new Paka Performance 3/4 Crew Socks.

This isn’t a brand I have had much experience with, and I generally look to Merino wool for my socks. For example, I am also a huge fan of all of the Smartwool running socks and performance socks with merino wool.

However, if you are looking for super soft running socks that wick moisture, prevent odor, and keep your feet dry and temperature regulated, I highly recommend trying out the Paka Performance 3/4 Crew Socks.

Rather than using merino wool, the Paka brand uses sustainable baby alpaca wool.

The socks are buttery soft, yet there are other materials mixed in, such as tencel, recycled nylon, and spandex, so that you get some support and compression around your arch with targeted cushioning around your heel and the ball of your foot.

My feet never feel sweaty, yet the socks are warm enough for winter running here in Massachusetts.

Consider branching out from your usual favorite running sock brand to try the Paka alpaca running socks.

There you have it! Marathon Handbook’s top running gear of 2024! We hope our suggestions help you find just what you are looking for.

Happy New Year!

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