The Bob and Brad T2 Massage Gun Review

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Bob and Brad are back with another massage wonder in their four-part series – with the T2 massage gun boasted as being the most powerful yet.

If you’ve heard about their C2, X6, or Q2 mini-massage gun, you’ll likely already know that Bob and Brad are experts in the game of massage guns, with their designs tailored to physical therapy patients, athletes, and everyone in between.

The T2 offers all the qualities of the other massage guns in their range, like the different pressure speeds and 5 different attachments – but with a little more oomph.

With its sleek design, gloss finish, and targeted massage, the new T2 model is a true testament to Bob and Brad’s physio wisdom. And better yet, it doesn’t cost a bomb.

We tried and tested this gun and are here to tell you all of our thoughts.

Let’s get into it!

The Bob and Brad T2 Massage Gun Review 1

What are the benefits of using a massage gun?

Percussion therapy has become a very hot topic in the health and fitness world, but what exactly are the benefits?

And why are physical therapists beginning to use it in their practice more and more?

Think about going to get a massage. It’s the perfect way to relax and relieve tension in the mind and body. However, finding the time and money to do this regularly can be a challenge.

The two reasons above contribute to the great success of massage gun therapy.

Packed into just 5-20 minutes of use you can receive all the benefits of a massage without the cost. This includes muscle relaxation, decreased tension, and increased blood flow to specific sites of soreness which aids recovery.

The massage gun works by sending strong vibration currents through the muscles. This rapid percussive action acts similarly to a massage – hence the name.

In turn, healthy blood flow infiltrates the tense or fatigued muscles and breaks up tissue waste from broken down fibers.

Ultimately, this can reduce recovery time and make muscles feel looser and less tense.

Bob and Brad T2 massage gun review

Physical therapists have really latched on to these nifty machines because of the results they have seen from patients in addition to their other treatment modalities.

Studies have evidenced the benefits of treating patients with a gentle or deep massage at the site of an injury, and massage guns offer a simple and accessible solution to achieving this at home.

So, overall percussion therapy has risen in popularity thanks to its time-efficient massage benefits of decreased muscle soreness and tension in addition to helping new blood flow reach the muscles efficiently.

The Specs of the T2 Massage Gun

The primary feature of this massage gun compared to the other two offered by Bob and Brad is the extra oomph of power in the T2 model.

Comparatively speaking, the other features are almost identical to the C2 massage gun but having that higher intensity setting makes this one a winner.

The T2 massage gun comes in the same sleek case just like the C2. A professional-looking mini gray briefcase that is small enough to carry around with you anywhere you go.

Bob and Brad T2 massage gun review

When you first open it up, the massage gun itself has a sleek ergonomic design with a glossy finish, whereas the C2 massage gun has straighter lines and a matte finish.

One other key feature of this massage gun, related to its power, is the heat vent on top of the gun. This feature is unique only to the T2 massage gun and helps ventilate the product so it will not overheat.

This model also comes with 5 different attachments and offers 5 different grades of pressure like all of Bob and Brad’s products.

Additionally, it has an improved battery life of 6 hours compared to 4 hours on the C2 massage gun.

These key features really help this massage gun excel on the market and benefit the user.

Bob and Brad T2 massage gun review

The Power of T2

Now onto the game-changing feature – the power differences of this massage gun.

T2 offers 4000 amplitudes that penetrate 10mm deep of pressure – pretty remarkable considering its portable size.

This additional power does make the T2 massage gun slightly louder than the C2 model, but overall much quieter than other popular massage guns on the market.

This massage gun also offers 3200rpms with up to 44lbs of force pressure, which is quite a feat for a massage gun of this size and price.

The higher power means higher intensity and deeper penetration, making this gun great for people with deep muscle soreness or larger bodies with more tissue to penetrate through.

To recap, the T2 offers more power and force compared to the C2 and Q2 mini-massage gun making it an excellent choice for anyone with an active lifestyle or experiencing deep muscle soreness.

Bob and Brad T2 massage gun review

Other Snazzy Little Details

Like with all Bob and Brad products this massage gun comes with a very handy instruction manual and pdf user guide on how to use it properly on specific muscle groups.

This is very helpful to those who may be unsure of how and where to use the product. It provides examples with pictures of positions to place the massage gun for optimal results and they explain the reason behind it.

Another feature is the T2 massage gun is able to charge with type-C USB charging with a 10-minute auto-off feature to keep the product from overheating and ruining the motor.

It is also super easy to use, with simple buttons to turn the product off.

Better still, it is super lightweight at only 1.5lbs – keeping it easy for anyone to use on the go.

These features may not seem like much, but they definitely contribute to the overall feel and ease of use of the T2 massage Gun.

Bob and Brad T2 massage gun review

The T2 Gun offers 5 unique attachments:

Like the C2 massage gun, the T2 comes with 5 attachment heads that are specifically designed to target certain muscle groups.

Bob and Brad took their expertise in the field of human movement to tailor these attachments for common injuries and specific pains of their patients, with each being ergonomically designed to optimize their effectiveness.

  • Ball Head: This attachment is the firmest and is primarily made for major muscle groups like the quadriceps and hamstrings. It is also the best beginner attachment so our testers would recommend starting here.
  • Bullet Head: This attachment is specifically designed for trigger points. For example, this would be best used in traps and shoulder regions where “knots” tend to develop. It can also be used for glutes, hips, and other muscle groups that are similar.
  • Fork Head: This attachment may look all fun and games but it can find some serious sore spots. It was made to align next to the Achilles but can also be used on other long muscles like the gastrocnemius, soleus (calf muscles), and upper arm muscles.
  • Flat Head: This is similar to the first attachment and is for major muscle groups like the quadriceps and hamstrings but can also be used on the back and chest. It can be used for a more localized massage.
  • Air Cushion Head: This one is the most gentle attachment of the five and is definitely best for really sore muscles. It is also best suited for sensitive areas like the wrist, ankle, knee, and neck.
Bob and Brad T2 massage gun review

The Review:

As an active individual, competitive marathon runner, and physical therapy student I am always searching for ways to improve my recovery time and decrease muscle fatigue so I can always be at the top of my game.

I am finding massage guns are becoming an integral part of my recovery regimen and I was super excited to try this particular massage gun by Bob and Brad.

Bob and Brad have clearly invested huge amounts of time and research in their design process and every detail of this massage gun has a clear purpose.

In comparison to the C2 and Q2 mini, I will be honest and say there is not a huge difference between the T2 and C2.

However, what sets the T2 apart is its ability to generate more power, force, and depth of muscle tissue massage.

For me, that is an important feature because my muscles tend to be extra fatigued, with deeper onset soreness from my regular training and workouts.

Bob and Brad T2 massage gun review

But, if you are looking for a more day-to-day use massage gun or just need it for the occasional muscle fatigue the C2 massage gun is an excellent choice as well.

Looking at the T2 in-depth, I realized this model is likely ideal for Bob and Brad in the clinic for their patients because it can really offer a great amount of pressure on the muscles.

In addition to the increased force, it also has a longer battery life making it ideal for someone who is often on the go, for example, a busy college or grad student.

All in all, I was very impressed by the T2 massage gun and would recommend it to anyone I know. That being said, I would equally recommend the C2 massage gun.

In my opinion, the prices on both are still exceptionally affordable for all the extras you get with these massage guns.

That’s a Wrap:

The main takeaway from the T2 massage gun by Bob and Brad is the fantastic power and pressure you receive from the 4000 amplitude, 10mm deep force this massage gun provides.

Bob and Brad T2 massage gun review

It is a great option for the busy athlete, beginner to veteran marathon runner, or anyone who lives an active on-the-go lifestyle and needs a little relaxation from time to time.

Massage guns have made at-home massage easy and accessible and the T2 massage gun is sure to provide some muscle tension relief, increased blood flow, and hopefully decreased stress levels.

So check out the T2 massage gun, and let us know what you think!

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