Seven Races in Seven Days: The World Marathon Challenge Begins on January 31st

Once the clock starts in Antarctica on January 31st, the World Marathon Challenge begins: it marks the first of seven marathons on seven continents in seven days.

Competitors from around the world fly on a charter plane to every continent. They will run 183 miles over seven days and will spend around 68 hours in the air.

The World Marathon Challenge starts in Novo, Antarctica. The second marathon starts on February 1st in Cape Town, Africa. The following days take place in Australia, Dubai, Spain and Brazil. The seventh marathon finishes in Miami on February 7th.

The 52 competitors signed up for the 2023 challenge range from around the world but the most entries come from the United States with 32 participants.

The World Marathon Challenge costs each participant a whopping 42,000 EUR (almost $46,000), which includes air fares.

The top results from the 2020 World Marathon averaged seven marathons at 3:35:25 for men and 3:25:57 for women. Kristina Schou Madsen from Denmark beat the world record in 2020 and Michael Wardian from the United States holds the fastest men’s time at 2:45:57.

The Guinness Book of World Records and The Book of Alternative Records recognizes the event for world records.

Some notable world records include the oldest contestants to complete the seven marathons: Dan Little from the United States, 76, and Gloria Lau from Singapore, 67.

The fastest duration: Richard Donovan from Ireland (4 Days 22 Hours 3 Minutes) for men and Becca Pizzi from the United States (6 Days 7 hours 58 Minutes)  for women.

The first blind athlete, Sinead Kane, in the 2017 World Marathon Challenge.

Over the past seven years there have only been 164 members who have completed all seven marathons. The results will be posted on their website

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