11 Expert Tips On How To Increase HRV (Heart Rate Variability)

Athletes often pay close attention to various biometrics such as blood pressure, body fat percentage, and resting heart rate because keeping tabs on measurable variables can provide insight into your training status and fitness. Another key heart-related biometric is your heart rate variability or HRV. HRV is a measure of the differences or fluctuations in … Read more

Threshold Training Guide For Runners + 4 Workouts To Try!

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Slow Twitch Vs Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers: A Complete Explanation

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Does Athletic Greens Work? The Evidence -Or Lack Thereof – For Greens Powders

It often seems like every other podcast, Instagram ad in your feed, and banner ad on the side of a webpage has a spot for some sort of greens powder. From Athletic Greens to Bloom, we seem to be flooded with calls to action to buy a do-it-all elixir in the form of some magical … Read more

Cardiorespiratory Endurance Explained + 20 Ways To Improve Yours

If you are an endurance athlete, such as a marathon runner, a long-distance cyclist, or a long-course triathlon, you are likely aware that there are many different approaches to training to improve your cardiovascular endurance for your sport. But, what is cardiorespiratory endurance, and why is it so important? What about the best cardiorespiratory endurance … Read more

Muscle Memory Explained: What It Is + How It Works

Once you start working out, you will likely be introduced to a number of fitness concepts, or you will overhear people talking at your gym about training principles. For example, you might hear about progressive overload or physiological adaptations. Another term that you may encounter in the context of working out is muscle memory. But, … Read more

What Is Athleticism, And How Do We Test It? 10 Critical Components

Most of us probably have a notion of what athleticism is—or we can at least identify an activity or sport that requires a lot of athleticism for success—but actually defining athleticism can be challenging.  Coming up with a succinct athleticism definition isn’t necessarily difficult—we can use the dictionary to come up with the denotation of … Read more

Do Massage Guns Work? 5 Proven Benefits Of Massage Guns

There are many potential benefits of using a massage gun, such as increasing circulation, improving flexibility, and decreasing muscle soreness and stiffness. For these reasons, massage guns have become an increasingly popular workout recovery modality for recreational to competitive and elite athletes alike. If you are an avid runner, cyclist, weightlifter, or another type of athlete, … Read more