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Whether you are a brand-new runner looking to run your first 5k or an experienced ultramarathoner ready for your next 100-miler, Marathon Handbook would love to accompany you on your journey! 

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Katelyn is an experienced, enthusiastic ultra-marathoner who has been coaching runners for the last ten years.

She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experiences with others and lives to motivate and inspire athletes of all walks of life and fitness levels, from absolute beginners to experienced runners.

“Kate is an excellent running coach who truly understands the needs and goals of her athletes, tailoring training plans to suit individual needs and realities, ensuring progress without any pressure.

Thanks to her expertise and guidance, I was able to train for a challenging 38k trail running event in just one year and completed it without any pain or injury.

I highly recommend Kate as a personal running coach for whatever your goals may be!”

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Valeria Rees

Converted Trail Runner!

Katelyn has run many successful races over the years, including all distances and terrains ranging from vertical kilometers, stage races such as the Coastal Challenge, 100 milers such as Vermont 100, and countless trail and road races of all distances in between.

Her passion for coaching others stems from her background in education, working as a high school teacher for 18 years. The rewarding feeling of helping others achieve their goals is what drives her.

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Currently, Katelyn and her partner Victor have a trail running club in Costa Rica, 30 Grados Trail Running, where they train athletes of all levels and varying goals.

Katelyn is also currently the senior editor for Marathon Handbook, writing articles geared toward helping runners perform at their very best, and have fun in the process.

Are you interested in training with Coach Katelyn?

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“My running journey started when I joined Kate’s “Couch to 5k Program.” A year later, I was running my first 21k, and three years later, I am now training for my first 100k race.

Kate’s energy, optimism, and friendly nature have always been an encouragement for me, and I have always felt prepared and confident before all my races.

My running journey has only just begun, and having Kate as my coach makes me confident  that I will be able to accomplish and exceed all of my running goals.”

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Diego Víquez

From ‘Couch to 5k’, to 100k ultras!

Our coaching package includes: 

Initial Questionnaire and Zoom Call Meeting

  • Here we will get to know each other and discuss your current fitness level, training, short and long-term goals, and races.

Personalized Monthly Training Plan Via Training Peaks

  • This training plan will be tailored to your specific goals as a runner, your fitness level, and your time availability.

Training Analysis and Feedback

  • Consistent feedback will be given to the athlete based on an analysis of the training sessions.

Coach / Athlete Communication

  • Unlimited messaging and emails regarding the training program and one 30-minute phone or video call every two weeks.

Coaching Fee

  • $175 per month with a minimum 3-month commitment.

Are you ready to aim high and achieve your running goals? Let’s work as a team and make it happen!

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If you have any questions before signing up, please write to: katelyn@marathonhandbook.com

Hope to hear from you soon!

Katelyn Tocci

Senior Editor, Marathon Handbook

RRCA and UESCA Running Coach

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“Training remotely with Katelyn has been a truly transformative experience for my fitness. She is highly experienced as both a coach and a runner and is fun, smart, and energetic, making our training sessions super fun and motivating for me!

Katelyn has helped me get my running program back on track after several years of dormancy with a focus on my well-being and keeping me injury free.   I have been able to progress my running in just a few short months injury free, and I’m looking forward to the outcome of a race later this summer!”    

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Lara S.

Making a comeback!
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