How To Train For A Marathon: Resources, Tips, and Expert Advice

Our home for all things marathon-related: here you can find all our guides, free-to-download training plans, tips, and strategies for your next marathon – we cover all ability levels!

26.2 miles is a serious distance that requires specific training. To that end, we’ve made it our goal to become the home of marathon training online – and you can find everything here.

Whether you’re looking for a suitable marathon training plan, pace charts, gear recommendations, or guidance on the best ways to train – we’ve got free resources and guidelines for every ability level.

Marathon Training Plans

Click here to browse details of all our marathon training plans in-depth.

Beginner to Intermediate Marathon Training Plans

couch to marathon training plan
6 month marathon training plan
20 week marathon training plan
16 week marathon training plan

Intermediate to Advanced Marathon Training Plans

sub 4-hr marathon training plan
12 week marathon training plan
Sub-3-Hour-Marathon Training Plan
20 week advanced marathon training plan

Marathon Tips And Advice

Expert guides covering various aspects of marathon training, preparations, and racing:

Marathon Training Guides

The following guides are designed for specific Marathon goals – check them out!

Marathon Stats and Information

Marathon-Specific Workouts

Our training plans include several different types of running workouts and cross-training: the following guides detail the different types of workouts you may wish to include in your marathon training.

Marathon Nutrition

Whether we’re talking about day-to-day training diet, carb-loading, or fuelling for the big day… here are our guides to eating for marathon runners:

Our Top Marathon Training Resources:

marathon training guide

Marathon Training Guide

If you’re looking for a guide to the essentials of marathon training, check out this article I’ve compiled. It covers all the fundamentals that you need to know about!


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Marathon Training Plans

Marathon Training Plans Library

Looking for a marathon training plan? You’re in the right place! We’ve got a large selection of free, downloadable marathon training plans to suit every ability level!

marathon training masterclass

The Marathon Training Masterclass

For those looking to get deep into their marathon training, I’ve developed this Masterclass course – hours of exclusive video content, downloadable guides, cheat sheets, and more!!

Useful Gear Guides and Pace Charts:

Best Marathon Shoes

The Best Marathon Running Shoes

Finding the right pair of running shoes for your marathon can be tough – here are my top recommendations (updated regularly).

Marathon Pace Chart

Marathon Pace Chart

Want to know what speed you need to run to achieve a specific race finish time? Check out our marathon pace charts; in miles or kilometers.

Marathon Training Resources 14

Best GPS Watches For Marathon Training

I believe that a GPS device is an essential part of proper distance running training – regardless of your budget or experience, here are my recommendations.

Further Useful Guides And Advice:

I’ve Also Published A Couple Of eBooks On Marathon Training:

Marathon In 3 Months
4-Hour Marathon

Marathon Essays And Long Form Articles