My name’s Thomas and I created Marathon Handbook to help people run far.  

Since running my first marathon in 2012 (here is a recap of how it went) I’ve gone on to complete dozens more.   

I also discovered ultramarathons and stage races; stage races in particular became my passion as I trained to push myself over multi-day events.

Here are some of my race reports from my most memorable events:

4 Deserts Namibia Stage Race – Race Report

Run the Rann 101km – Race Report

Burgos The Way Of Legends – Race Report

Global Limits Cambodia Race Report

Race To The Stones 100km Race Report

I’m also a UESCA-certified running coach, and have now helped thousands of runners with their marathon goals!

About Marathon Handbook

Having experienced the life-changing effects of distance running, I decided to set up a resource to help others do the same . . . thus Marathon Handbook was born.

To do this we share informative blogs, resources, books and training plans, for everything from 10kms to ultramarathons.  We specialise in advice on marathons and stage races.

I write most of the articles, books, and resources you’ll find on the site, but I regularly have friends and other contributors help out and share their stories.   If you’re interested in being featured, get in touch.

A note on Affiliate links

Please be aware that a few of my blogs which feature products include links to Amazon.   These links are affiliate links, meaning Amazon gives me a small fee for any purchases made through them.   

I consciously make these links non-obtrusive and try to only include them when they compliment the subject I’m covering.  The fees generated help to cover the running costs of the site.  Thanks!