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Hi! My name’s Thomas and I created Marathon Handbook to help people run far.  

Have you ever said to yourself any of the following:

“I’d love to run a half marathon but don’t think I’m capable”

“What’s the best way to train for a marathon?”

“How can I get access to a running coach or running community easily?”

“Running race X is my dream but I’ve no idea how to get there”

You are not alone! Over the past 5 years, we’ve helped tens of thousands of people answer these types of questions and achieve their running goals!

By using this website, you can spend less time searching the Internet and being overwhelmed with information and more time doing the one thing you want to do: become a better runner.

After starting Marathon Handbook as a scrappy website to write about my adventures running multi-day stage races, it’s evolved and grown into a comprehensive resource for distance runners.

We’re now a small team of dedicated coaches and runners who love to write about running and help others on their running journey.

Our goal is to help other people run far – so whether you’re just buying your first pair of running shoes, complete your first marathon, or looking to run your best 100-mile ultramarathon, we want to help you.

From Rookie Runner To Ultramarathons To Running Coach

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I’d never been particularly interested in running growing up, but when at University I started running in the evenings to clear my head and get some exercise.

Gradually I became more interested in the field of distance running, and ran my first marathon in 2012 (here is a recap of how it went – it was a day in which I learned a lot of lessons) I’ve gone on to complete dozens more.   

Soon after that first marathon I discovered the world of ultramarathons, multi-day stage races, and challenging the limits of how far I could run. I went on to run some epic races in Madagascar, Namibia, Cambodia, Gujarat, and many more!

Around this time I started Marathon Handbook, from day one with the mission of helping other people run far.

I’d experienced the life-changing impact of distance running myself, and decided I wanted to help others share in the same experience.

I became a UESCA-certified running coach, and have gone on to help and coach tens of thousands of runners all over the globe!

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What You’ll Learn Here

If you ever wanted to learn how to run better, further, and faster – you’re in the right place.

Marathon Handbook was started to encourage people to run far – we want to guide you by the hand through the world of distance running.

We give you road-tested tips, articles, training plans, and material to get you out into the world and running!

On this website you will find:

  • Expert articles to help you on your distance running journey – whether you’re just starting or preparing for your next ultra!
  • In-depth guides on how to train, what gear you need, different training modalities, rest, recovery, cross training – every aspect of distance running.
  • Opinion pieces, editorials, and pragmatic advice on the art and challenges of running long distances.
  • Free, downloadable training plans for a huge variety of distances and ability levels – from your first 10k to first 100 miler!
  • Digital books and online courses bursting with valuable insights, video content, and explainers!
  • A community of dedicated distance runners with a wealth of experience and a variety of running background.

Everyday I wake up with one goal in mind: “How can I help other people run far?” 

The mission here is to produce the most comprehensive material you can find, better than any other website out there.

If and when we recommend a product or service, it’s because we really believe that’s the best thing for runners.

So come, read, learn, and don’t forget to send me your finish line photo! 🙂

What Others Say About Marathon Handbook

Thank you thank you THANK YOU!

Thank you thank you THANK YOU! 1


Just dropping in to say I had my full marathon this weekend!!

When we started running in downpouring rain! I crushed my first half and had a little bit of a slow down around mile 17. I cried at mile 20 and got a fantastic second wind at mile 23 and flew across the finish line.

My knees are still feeling a little hot and the outside of my right foot is in rough shape but, I can’t wait for my next race, I loved it so much!

Thank you thank you THANK YOU for supporting me throughout this training journey!! 

Hannah Asfeldt

Breaking the impossible!

Breaking the impossible! 2

“Your lessons were really helpful . . . they greatly helped me to achieve what I thought was impossible.

I cannot describe the euphoria and satisfaction I felt days after running the marathon!”

Kuba Pikus
Marathon Handbook student

Can’t believe I’m a marathon runner…!

Can't believe I'm a marathon runner...! 3

I prepared to the best of my ability, following the training plan and using the Marathon Handbook diet and gear guides.

My race was quite an experience . . . it was already pretty hot, and the weather became very humid.

I started with my heart pounding very heavily, gradually it slowed down. Up to half-way was ok, but after that my head started burning, feeling hot, legs started going . . . but then I reminded myself ok come on . . . you can do it!

hahahaahha! hurray yessss I did it, I made it, I made it… I could not express my feeling, how happy I was, I couldn’t believe myself!

After this I’m still surprised I can call myself a marathon runner!

Ratna Gomes
Dooars Run Safari Marathon