10 Strength Training Tips For Runners, By A Sports Therapist

As a sport, running is littered with injuries, and it doesn’t need to be. Incorporating a consistent and well-planned strength training program into your schedule is absolutely essential to longevity and performance. Whether you do bodyweight or resistance band workouts, use free weights like dumbbells, kettlebells, and barbells, or use the weight machines at the … Read more

The 5 Best Hill Sprint Workouts For Explosive Speed

If you are looking for a running workout that will test your physical and mental toughness to the max, look no further because hill sprint workouts it is!  Hill sprints are short bursts of an almost all-out effort running uphill, followed by rest. They are a combination of HIIT and strength training workouts, with some … Read more

10 Of The Best Hill Workouts For Runners

I think many runners can relate to me when I say I have a love/hate relationship with hill workouts. This is most certainly because hill sprints and longer hill training sessions are challenging and require a lot of mental and physical grit to complete while at the same time being an incredibly beneficial and efficient … Read more

Want To Get Faster? Try Out The 80/20 Running Method

When I coached high school track and cross country, there was an assistant coach who would tell the runners, especially during the long, slow, base-building summer runs, “you’ve got to go slow to go fast.” They would look at him skeptically, but his advice, while perhaps counterintuitive, is actually quite sound. Research has shown that … Read more

6 Essential Bodyweight Exercises For Runners

You probably already know that running is excellent for building your cardiovascular health. But what about muscular health?  By improving your muscular strength, you will improve your overall health and running performance, as well as help reduce and minimize injuries. Some basic strength training is an important part of any good marathon training plan. So, … Read more

Our Complete Strength Training Plan For Runners

Including strength training in your weekly routine is important for being a well-rounded, strong athlete and runner, staying injury-free, and performing at your best in your training sessions and races. In this guide, we have created a strength training program for runners designed to support your needs as an athlete, improve performance, and decrease the … Read more

The Game-Changing Magic Of Hill Running + 8 Tough Hill Workouts

Incorporating uphill running into your training program will improve your running performance, speed, endurance, and running economy. I know quite a few runners who try to avoid hill running, and for good reason: it’s hard! I would be lying if I didn’t share that I always feel a bit anxious before my hill workouts. I … Read more

What’s A Good 1000m Time? Good + Average Times By Age & Sex

Although most adult distance runners focus on race distances like 5k, 10k, half marathon, or marathon, plenty of high school and collegiate runners, as well as open and masters athletes who enter track meets, push the pace with the 1,000-meter race. However, because it’s not as common to find 1000m races, it can be hard … Read more

HIIT Running Workouts: Improve Your Speed With These Intense Sessions

HIIT running workouts (HIIT = high-intensity interval training) are perfect for runners of all levels who want to step up their fitness level, focus on weight loss or fat loss, or become faster and stronger runners.  HIIT workouts are intense exercise sessions involving all-out bursts of physical activity with recovery periods. You can do HIIT … Read more

Floating Sprints, Explained: How To Program Them Into Your Training

Various running drills are helpful for runners and athletes of other sports alike to improve abilities such as speed and form. For example, A skips and high knees can help improve running form and technique and are great running drills to incorporate in a dynamic warm-up to prime your muscles and neuromuscular system for the … Read more

Periodization: Our Expert Training Guide On How To Plan Your Training Season

Whether you are a long-distance runner, cyclist, triathlete, powerlifter, or some other type of strength athlete, you likely have specific goals for different target races and competitions throughout your training season or the year at large. For athletes who play other types of sports, a training program requires not only sports-specific training but also general … Read more