Periodization: Our Expert Training Guide On How To Plan Your Training Season

Whether you are a long-distance runner, cyclist, triathlete, powerlifter, or some other type of strength athlete, you likely have specific goals for different target races and competitions throughout your training season or the year at large. For athletes who play other types of sports, a training program requires not only sports-specific training but also general … Read more

How To Run Faster And Longer: 5 Expert Coach-Approved Tips

As a UESCA-certified running coach, I find that most runners who want to improve their running performance have one of two goals: running faster or running longer without stopping or fatiguing. Experienced runners often fall into the first camp. Perhaps it is a runner who has been training for the 5k, 10k, half marathon, or … Read more

How To Perform Hill Sprints: Every Runner’s Secret Weapon

Running hill sprints is like strapping a stick of dynamite to a regular speed workout – not only are you doing sprint intervals, but you’re combining that with hill work. It’s a totally different training workout for most of us distance runners. While we are typically accustomed to steady-state, low-to-mid exertion level running, hill sprints … Read more

Here’s How To Do Lactate Threshold Training (And What It Actually Is)

There are probably at least a dozen different types of running workouts distance runners can incorporate into their training plans to improve their top speed, running economy, and biomechanics. One of the most popular and effective types of workouts for distance runners and endurance athletes is lactate threshold training. But, what is lactate threshold training? … Read more

The 6 Best Treadmill Workouts For Beginners

A treadmill can be an excellent training tool for runners, but it is quite often considered much less appealing than running outside. In fact, many runners consider a treadmill run the last resort option when the weather is so inclement that it’s unsafe or untenable to run outdoors. However, other runners absolutely love running on the … Read more

Running Strides Guide: Everything You Need To Know To Get Faster

Running strides are one of the foundational types of running drills that you can add to the end of a run to improve your maximum speed, neuromuscular coordination, and turnover. Beginners and distance runners focusing on shorter distance races may also do an entire strides workout with pick-ups done at your top speed or accelerations … Read more

Fartlek Training For Runners: How To Use Fartleks To Get Faster

Fartlek runs are the perfect alternative to high-intensity running workouts and have some of the very same benefits as other speed work sessions, such as classic track work like 400s, 800sm mile repeats, or threshold runs. However, Fartleks are less formalized and more approachable for beginners or those who are new to following a structured … Read more

How To Start Sprinting – And Why We Should All Sprint Sometimes

When most people think about starting running as a form of exercise, they consider long distance running. This doesn’t necessarily mean the intention will be to train for marathons, but rather that they will build up to running or jogging at a relatively comfortable pace for several miles without stopping. However, whether you are already … Read more

Floating Sprints, Explained: 4 Benefits + How To Program Them Into Your Training

There are a variety of different running drills that are useful for runners and athletes of other sports alike. For example, A skips and high knees can help improve running form and technique and can also be great running drills to incorporate in a dynamic warm-up to prime your muscles and neuromuscular system for the … Read more

Run Less, Run Faster: Low-Volume Focused Run Training Method

There are countless training methodologies for runners that all aim to produce the same results: help the runner get faster and hit PRs. While each of these different training approaches for runners may structure the training program differently and emphasize certain types of running workouts more than others, there is one thing that most runners … Read more

What’s A Good 100m Time? Average 100 Meter Times By Age + Sex

In athletics, there are a variety of events such as middle and long distance runs like the 800 meters, 1500 meters, 5000 meters, and the marathon. In addition, there are hurdles, jumps, throws, and combination events like the decathlon. There are also short sprints. The fastest, shortest track and field event is the 100-meter dash. … Read more

What’s A Good 800m Time? The Average Time To Run 800m By Age + Sex

In track and field, there is a wide variety of events and race distances, such as the 100-meter, 200-meter, and 400-meter sprints, hurdles, throws, relays, cross country, and so on. The 800-meter event is considered a middle-distance event where both speed and endurance play a part. This event occurs on a 400-meter track. As runners, … Read more