10k Training Plans

Welcome to our library of 10K Training Plans!

The 10k training schedules we’ve developed have been refined and road-tested by thousands of runners – each comes with explanatory notes and guidance.   

Choose a 10k training plan which reflects your current state of running fitness, the amount of time you have available, and your 10k goals. 

How Long Is a 10k?

A 10k is 6.214 miles.

How Long Does It Take To Train For A 10K?

The length of time it takes to train and prepare for a 10k depends on your current running abilities, and your 10k goals.

We recommend that you spend at least four weeks training for your 10k – assuming you have some running background.

Generally, a good 10k training plan should be 4 to 8 weeks in length; this allows sufficient time to build up the required mileage base, without ramping up too quickly.

And here’s our study of Average 10k Times to see where you land!

How Do I Choose A 10K Training Plan?

Deciding which 10k training program is right for you is a personal choice – it depends on what your current running ability is, how long you have until your 10k, and what your 10k goals are.  

Check out the notes alongside each 10k training plan below to help you choose!

Customisable, Free 10K Training Plans

At Marathon Handbook, our aim is to help you to run far.  

With that in mind, all our marathon training plans are completely free and totally customisable.  

Do other commitments mean that you can only train on certain days?  

Need to trim a couple of weeks off the time schedule?

No problem, edit the spreadsheet as you see fit.  

Our training plans come in both Google Sheets and PDF format; feel free to grab a copy of the Google Sheet, edit it, download it to Excel, print it – do whatever you want!

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Who Has Designed These 10k Training Plans?


I’m Thomas, a UESCA-certified running coach and ultra-runner. 

I’ve worked with hundred of runners, and developed these training plans through ongoing research, my work with other marathon runners, and personal experience.

I am always reviewing the best training practices and update the plans as required!

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10k Training Plans 3

Couch To 10k Training Plan

Here is our classic Couch to 10k Training Plan!

It’s designed to get anyone – regardless of their background and ability – to complete a 10k run.

It’s split into two sections; the first 4 weeks build up to 5k length, then the second 4 weeks increase up to 10k.  Feel free to pause when you reach the 5k distance.

The plan is also designed for runners who don’t run continuously – if you’re more of a run/walk person, this plan is for you!

Who is it for?:  New runners looking to complete a 10k!

How Long?: 8 weeks (minimum).   Only progress to the next week when you are feeling comfortable to do so.

The plan doesn’t have a speed or pace focus at all – the objective is to get the required mileage in. 

10k Training Plans 4

4 Week 10k Training Plan

This plan is great for anyone who is already active, and wants to run a good 10k!

If you already have some running experience and are looking for a challenge, this is a great training plan.   Over the 4 weeks you’ll gradually build up your miles. 

Note: this plan assumes you are continuously running each training run, although if you wish to run/walk then that is perfectly acceptable too!

Who is it for?:  Active people who are looking to run a great 10k!

How Long?: 4 weeks. 

The plan doesn’t have a speed or pace focus at all – the objective is to get the required mileage in. 

10k Training Plans 5

Improver 10k Training Plan

Looking to challenge yourself, and perhaps set a new PR on your 10k?

This plan is for you!

As well as getting the required miles in, the plan features 1-2 days of speed work each week in order for your to improve your running economy and base running speed

Note: this plan assumes you are continuously running each training run.

Who is it for?:  Existing runners looking to challenge themselves on their 10k.

How Long?: 4 weeks.   

10k Training Plans 6

5k to 10k Training Plan

A training plan specifically designed to get you from 5k to 10k!

Looking to make the step up in distance?

We’ve got you covered!

This 4 week plan gradually increases your mileage to prepare you for a 10k run.

Who is it for?:  Existing runners who are looking to move from 5k to 10k.

How Long?: 4 weeks.   

10k Training Plans 7
10k Training Plans 8

Proven Training Plans by a UESCA-Certified Running Coach 

Every one of our training plans has been developed by Thomas Watson, a UESCA-certified running coach.

Thomas is also a podium-finishing ultra-marathon runner and has dozens of marathons under his belt.

Each training plan has been road-tested by hundreds of runners, refined and improved, and is free to download and customize to suit your needs!

Training Plan Elements Explained:

Training Runs

These are standard runs, typically of 3 – 6 miles in length. They are used to build running form and time-on-your-feet. They should be performed at close-to your target race pace, or at a conversational pace if you have no target speed. 

Long Runs

These are longer-distance runs, designed to increase your stamina. They are purely about building up the length of time you can continue running – don’t worry about your pace, keep it at an easy conversational level (more info).

Speed Work / Interval Training

Run workouts designed to increase your speed! These come in various forms – Yasso’s, intervals, Fartleks, etc. They are useful if you have a speed-based goal, but if you don’t then no need to focus on them – they can be tiring (more info).

Cross Training

Any form of exercise that does not involve running, and preferably one which is low impact (avoid contact sports). Good forms of cross-training include yoga, swimming, and strength training. Here’s our full guide to cross-training for runners.