Our running calculators and training calculators are used by thousands of runners and athletes globally; whether to check your running pace, calculate your estimated marathon finishing time, or more.

Running Calculators

Calculators 1

Running Pace Calculator

This is our straightforward, beautiful, go-to running pace calculator.

It can be used to convert distance and time to pace, pace and distance to time, and time and pace to distance.

As runners, our standard pace metric tends to be min/mile or min/km: that’s exactly what this calculator works out for you.

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Age-Graded Running Performance Calculator

By inputting a previous race time, your age, and your gender, you can:

  • Compare your run times to other people regardless of age and gender using the age grade score.
  • View the equivalent speed you would have run if you were within the 20-30 age range.
  • View your predicted race times for all common race distances.
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Calculators 3

Marathon Finish Time Predictor

How this one works:

Input a previous running race result or two (from 5k to HM) and rate how difficult you found it, then add in your current weekly mileage – and it’ll give you a scarily-accurate marathon finishing time.

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Race Time Prediction Calculator

This calculator works by simply supplying a single previous race result – of any distance – and it’ll give you finishing time estimates for all standard running event lengths, from 5k to 100 miles.

While it’s less detailed than our Marathon Finishing Time predictor above, it gives you estimates using both industry-leading Pete Riegel and David Cameron formulas – and can be a great sense-check for pacing your next race.

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