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Nike Vaporfly 3 Review

Since the launch of the Nike Vaporfly 4% following Eliud Kipchoge’s Breaking 2 challenge, the …

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Altra Lone Peak 7 Review

What better way to introduce the Altra Lone Peak 7 than by saying it’s currently …

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ON Cloudsurfer Review

Is this the best On running shoe to date? It’s certainly something different in terms …

Running Gear + Shoes 14

ASICS Superblast Review

In a world of carbon-plated supershoes, this model has gone under the radar a little. …

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HOKA Rocket X 2 Review

The best HOKA to date! There, we’ve said it. And it’s true, HOKA Rocket X …

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Brooks Launch 9 Review

The Launch models are lightweight daily trainers that offer enough cushioning for regular use, but …

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Saucony Tempus Review

Introducing a new method of control to stability-type shoes, the Saucony Tempus features a combination …

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Topo Specter Review

Topo, a brand that I was relatively unfamiliar with, made a huge first impression with …

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Mizuno Wave Inspire 19 Review

As the 19th version of the Wave Inspire, this is a very well-established shoe. Sitting …

Latest Gift Guides For Runners:

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The 18 Best Gifts for Marathon Runners in 2023

The great thing about buying gifts for marathon runners is that you have plenty of …

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The 16 Best Gifts For Triathletes in 2023

One of the great things about buying gifts for triathletes is that there are so …

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The 9 Best Gifts For Men Who Run

Men are notoriously hard to buy presents for. That statement might sound a bit cliché, …

Latest Gear and Clothing Guides For Runners:

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The 7 Best Cheap Running Watches in 2023

Whether you’re just getting into running with the Couch To 5K or training for a …

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Here Are the Best Energy Chews to Fuel Your Training in 2023

If your training sessions tend to be longer than 60 minutes in duration, it’s important …

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The 10 Best Shoe Deodorizers in 2023

No matter how great their personal hygiene, there’s one problem that almost every runner experiences …

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NordicTrack vs Peloton: A Detailed Brand Comparison

Although Peloton and NordicTrack are two of the more popular at-home fitness equipment brands, there …

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The 6 Best Running Jackets For Any Weather: 2023 Edition

A great jacket is an essential part of your running gear, whether you need a …

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Are Converse Good For Running and Hiking? A Detailed Explanation

Converse shoes have long been popular for basketball players and casual wear, and an increasing …

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Latest Nutrition + Fuel Guides and Reviews:

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The 6 Best Electrolyte Drinks for Runners in 2023

A couple of decades ago, the only electrolyte drinks for runners were the few sports …

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The 8 Best Protein Powders For Runners: 2023 Edition

The majority of runners are well aware of the importance of protein in the diet, …

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The 7 Best Tasting Protein Bars For Runners in 2023

Runners know that refueling after a workout is critical for muscle recovery. When you either …

best salt tablets for runners

The 6 Best Salt Tablets For Runners In 2023

Running for long distances or in hot weather is all about trying to keep your …

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The 7 Best Water Flavorings For Your Water Bottle in 2023

Fruit juice, soda, sweet tea, and sports drinks are tempting go-to drink when you’re thirsty. …

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7 Best Supplements For Runners

We all know that in order to maintain the physical health and wellness your body …

Latest Treadmill Reviews:

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XTERRA Fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill Review

A respected name in cardio fitness equipment, XTERRA has a reputation for reliability and a …

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The Sole F63 Treadmill Review

As a company that originally manufactured exercise equipment for premier hotel chains, Sole Fitness knows …

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ProForm City L6 Review: A Compact And Portable Treadmill

ProForm has been a major player in the realm of home exercise equipment since 1977. …

Treadmill Guides:

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The 8 Best Treadmills with TV Screens in 2023

Treadmill workouts can be a lot more fun with a little entertainment to help the …

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The 7 Best Treadmills Under 1000 Dollars In 2023

Looking for the very best treadmills under 1000 dollars? This guide is made for you. …

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The 8 Best Low Impact Treadmills in 2023

A low impact treadmill workout is a great form of exercise if you are new …

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The 5 Best Portable Treadmills

If you love to stay active but can’t always find the time or space to exercise, portable treadmills are the answer to your fitness woes. The best portable treadmills are a convenient and practical way to get in your daily dose of cardio without leaving your home’s comfort. Not only are they easy to set up and use, but they are also designed to take up minimal space, making them perfect for those with limited room. 

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The 8 Best Treadmills For Seniors In 2023

There are so many treadmills out there – non-motorized, budget, high-end, treadmills built for heavy …

The best smart treadmills

The Best Smart Treadmills In 2023

If you’re looking to upgrade your home workouts with a smart treadmill, you’ve made a …

Latest GPS Reviews:

Running Gear + Shoes 51

Wahoo ELEMNT Rival Multisport GPS Watch Review

Wahoo Fitness is a popular sports tech company renowned for their cycling and fitness accessories, …

Garmin Fenix 6 pro solar runner's review

Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Solar Review

Introduction: Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Solar I have been testing out the Garmin Fenix 6 …

apple watch 3 series 3 runner's review

Apple Watch 3 Review For Running: The Mainstay Go-To Runner’s SmartWatch

Since 2015, Apple has been creating the Apple Watch – and with each new watch, …

Running GPS Guides:

Running Gear + Shoes 52

The 7 Best Garmin Runners Watches In 2023

Garmin has long been recognized as the leading brand when it comes to running watches. …

ultramarathon gps

Best Ultra Running GPS Watches: 2023 Edition

In this post, I share the best ultra running watches on our radar, and give …

the best watch for marathon training

Best GPS Watches for Marathon Training: 2023 Edition

If you have a marathon in your sights, one of the best investments you can …