Reflections on MarathonTraining.com, from Art Liberman

Reflecting back upon the many years I’ve owned and managed marathontraining.com, I’m filled with gratitude and personal satisfaction for its success. What began in 1997 as a platform to provide training information to runners who were unable to attend “Team in Training” meetings has evolved into a website filled with free and comprehensive marathon training information for all to enjoy and utilize.

Thanks to its rich and relevant content along with an easy-to-remember URL, the site has consistently ranked at the top of search engine inquiries for “marathon training”.  Words can’t describe how humbled and honored I am for all the success marathontraining.com has attained.

Tens of thousands of runners from around the world, young and old representing wide demographic backgrounds, have utilized marathontraining.com to achieve one common goal: to safely and successfully complete their marathons.

While many websites tease their visitors by providing free introductory information and then charging a fee to access the remainder of the content, it’s been a pleasure to provide my content at no charge.

No amount of money has given me the joy and personal satisfaction from reading the hundreds of emails and testimonial submissions I’ve received over the years from runners sharing their heartwarming personal stories and motivations in training for their marathons. 

Marathontraining.com has also parlayed into many other opportunities for which I’m grateful. I’ve coached hundreds of runners who hired me to provide them with individualized personal training. While many simply wanted to complete a marathon and needed individual guidance, others had more ambitious time goals ranging from bettering their previous race time to breaking 3-hours in the marathon. I even coached a woman who improved her marathon time of 3 hours, 40 minutes to the amazing accomplishment of qualifying for the United States Olympic Trials.  

Thanks to the visibility and popularity marathontraining.com received, in 2002 I was asked to author “The Everything Running Book” which now is in its third edition. During that timeframe, I also served as a contributor to “Runner’s World Magazine’s” advice column, and my marathon training program was highlighted in a feature article along with my picture. Over the years, I’ve also contributed numerous running articles to a number of smaller publications and websites.

Since launching the site, I’ve received numerous inquiries from others wishing to purchase marathontraining.com’s content and domain name. While some of the offers were very generous and tempting, I was not ready to relinquish the child I had raised and nurtured for many years! 

Fast-forward to the present. A few months ago, I had successful hip replacement surgery and my medical team strongly urged me to retire from running after a 40-year career. Fortunately, I’ve always enjoyed cross-training activities and have replaced running with fitness activities including walking, cycling, elliptical machine workouts, weight training, and yoga.

Soon, I’ll also be approaching my 70th birthday. Thus, life is filled with transitions and I recently decided it’s time for me to finally relinquish the reigns of marathontraining.com but with a caveat.  It’s always been my strong desire that when the time came time to sell my site, the new owner would publish only high-level content quality and possess the same ethical principles I’ve held dear to my heart.  Fortunately for those who’ve been loyal visitors to my site as well as future marathoners, I have very good news.

Recently, my site was purchased by the folks at marathonhandbook.com. I’m highly confident that they will maintain the same journalistic and ethical standards upon which marathontraining.com was founded. As I cross the finish line, I’d like to wish the staff of marathonhandbook.com and their visitors the very best!  

Art Liberman
Founder of marathontraining.com

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