Running 5K Every Day: Benefits, Drawbacks + What To Expect

Getting into a consistent workout routine can be a challenge. If you’re not naturally drawn to exercise or lack motivation, time, or energy, imagining yourself doing any exercise every single day may seem daunting, if even feasible. However, many people find that once they get started with a type of physical activity they enjoy or … Read more

7 Great Speed Workouts For 5k Performance Improvement!

It is certainly possible to run a 5k without doing any speedwork. Some runners just focus on building their running endurance to be able to complete the 3.1 miles without stopping. While this is certainly a valid approach, and often recommended for beginners, base-building runs, or regular, aerobic runs at a steady pace will only … Read more

What to Eat Before a 5k: How To Fuel For Success

Whether you’re a beginner just trying to finish your first 5k or a seasoned runner chasing a PR, there are plenty of free and premium 5k training plans available online these days, so you can find exactly what workouts you should do to prepare to run a 5k. However, many of these training plans omit … Read more

How To Hit A 5k PR: 11 Race Day Tips For A Successful 5k Run

Hitting a 5k PR predominantly comes down to improving your fitness and getting faster through a sensible training plan and consistent workouts. Once you’ve optimized your training and put in the work, you’re ready to race. Your training will give you the physical fitness you need to hit a 5k PR, but the actual achievement … Read more

5k Walking Guide: Beginner’s Training Guide To Walk 5k

Walking is one of the simplest forms of exercise, but that doesn’t make it any less valid in terms of being a great workout for your health. Although it’s certainly fine to keep your walking routine informal, many walkers enjoy the challenge and structure of training to walk a 5k. These days, there are many … Read more