How To Hit A 5k PR: 11 Race Day Tips For A Successful 5k Run

Hitting a 5k PR predominantly comes down to improving your fitness and getting faster through a sensible training plan and consistent workouts. Once you’ve optimized your training and put in the work, you’re ready to race. Your training will give you the physical fitness you need to hit a 5k PR, but the actual achievement … Read more

14 Training Tips To Build Towards a 5k PR

There are 5k races offered around most of the world on any given weekend, pointing to just how popular this beloved race distance is. Finishing your first 5k is a running milestone that few runners forget, and is often the initial milestone for what becomes a lifelong passion for running. Once you have finished your … Read more

Running 5k Every Day: Benefits, Drawbacks + What To Expect

Getting into a consistent workout routine can be a challenge. If you’re not naturally drawn to exercise or find yourself lacking motivation, time, or energy, imagining yourself doing any sort of exercise every day may seem daunting, if even feasible. However, many times, people find that once they get started with a type of physical … Read more