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Katelyn Tocci

Managing Editor
RRCA + UESCA Certified Running Coach, Ultrarunner

Meet Katelyn Tocci!

Katelyn is an experienced ultra-marathoner and outdoor enthusiast with a passion for the trails. In the running community, she is known for her ear-to-ear smile, even under the toughest racing conditions.

She is a UESCA-certified running coach and loves sharing her knowledge and experience to help people reach their goals and become the best runners they can be.

Her biggest passion is to motivate others to hit the trails or road alongside her, have a blast, and run for fun!

What is your favorite race?

It’s hard to choose, but if I had to pick just one, my absolute favorite race that I go back to year after year is the Ultra distance 67k in Moonrun.
This race is held in the Cloud Forest of Monteverde in Costa Rica.
The spectacular views and gorgeous flora and fauna are just to die for! 

Other than running, what’s your favourite pastimes?

When I’m not running I enjoy playing any sort of game whether it be sports-related like Spikeball or soccer, or board games like Scrabble and Spot It, and I also love to dance.
Baking any type of sweets like cookies and cakes, and then eating them, of course, is also one of my favorite hobbies! 
on the MoonRun

Trails or road? 

I love running in general and will run any terrain you throw at me, but I am a trail runner at heart. Those technical single tracks get me every time! 

What is your biggest strength and/or weakness as a runner?

I think my biggest strength as a runner would be my consistency with my training and drive to really push myself to always try and improve.
This goes hand in hand with my weakness, which is most likely having trouble listening to my body when it needs some downtime or rest.  

What’s your favorite post-run indulgence food?

I would have to say my favorite post-run indulgence food would have to be pizza if I’m craving something salty, or bakery-style chocolate chip cookies if I want something sweet!