The 10 Overall Best Stretches For Runners

You hear it all the time, don’t forget to stretch! Stretching paired with running continues to be a disputed topic in general as a variety of studies show conflicting results. Depending on your coach and training method, beliefs about stretching will vary. It’s best to find out your body’s specific needs to keep it happy, … Read more

Running In The Dark: 10 Safety Tips + Practical Advice For Your Next Run

As dedicated runners, we yearn for the satisfaction of checking off our daily workouts in our training plans, feeling pleased to have completed our runs, and each day taking another step towards our current goal.  Whether you wake up at the crack of dawn and hit the pavement or trails to start your day, or … Read more

Do You Have Exercise Addiction? 6 Signs You’re Addicted To Exercise

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Couch to 10k Tips – All Of Your Burning Questions Answered!

Now that you’ve decided to take on a Couch to 10k, you most likely have some burning questions you’d like answered regarding the training program and everything that goes along with it to ensure success and sheer happiness when crossing the finish line.  Even though running can seem pretty cut and dry, throwing on a … Read more

How Long Does It Take To Train For a 5k? + 7 Tips For Successful Training

So, you’ve decided to train for a 5k! What an excellent fitness goal you have set out for yourself. A 5k is the first big step in one’s running career, and believe me, after you cross this first finish line, you’ll be raring and ready to go for more.  Now that you’ve set this awesome … Read more

How Long Does It Take To Train For a 10k? + 8 Training Tips for Success

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Couch to Half Marathon Tips – All Your Essential Questions Answered!

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10 Knee Strengthening Exercises For Runners to Stay Strong + Run Long

As runners, we know very well indeed that we need to take extra-special care of our knees. We need to ensure ourselves we don’t run into chronic pain or overuse injuries that may put us on the sidelines from training for a while, as we all know that is a runner’s absolute worst nightmare.  Even … Read more

Upper Body Workout For Runners: Benefits + 11 Exercises To Try Out

So, you’ve got your squats, lunges, planks, and glute bridges scheduled in your strength training program, but what about upper body exercises? Runners tend to do the opposite of the usual gym rat’s “skip leg day” approach. Instead, we tend to focus on our lower body and sometimes core, and neglect our upper body, which … Read more

Squats for Runners Guide: How To, Benefits, + 20 Variations To Try

If there’s one staple exercise in a runner’s strength training program, it’s, you guessed it, squats! Bodyweight squats, goblet squats, pulse squats, squat jacks, the list goes on; these squats for runners are full of excellent benefits.  Squats are a compound exercise that strengthens legs, improves running, and even helps avoid overuse injuries. They work … Read more

The 10 Best Achilles Stretches For Runners

If you haven’t suffered from any Achilles tendon pain as a runner yet, you are definitely doing something, if not a lot of things, right with your training.  Our Achilles tendon is notorious for giving us a hard time as it is susceptible to a variety of overuse injuries, commonly caused by running or other … Read more

The 6 Best Sprint Workouts For Beginners

When we hear the term sprinting, we most likely think of the famous Usain Bolt and his 100-meter world record time of 9.58 seconds or Florence Griffith-Joyner’s world record 100-meter time of 10.49 seconds. Their arms pumping, an inexplicable force driving these machines of human beings forward at unbelievable speeds; it all just seems so … Read more

The 11 Best Shin Stretches For Runners

If you’re a runner, you’ve most likely felt pain or soreness in your shins at some point or another. Whether you’ve felt it when you first began to run, increased your volume a bit too quickly, or wore your running shoes for a few miles too many before replacing them, it’s probably happened.  According to … Read more

5k To 10k Training Plan: Complete Guide For A Successful Journey

Congratulations on making the decision to graduate from running a 5k to a 10k! If you’ve just completed your Couch to 5k program and crossed the finish line of your first 5k race, or have run many 5ks and have now mastered the distance, we have all the information you need to jump to the … Read more