Our Beginner’s Guide To Mountain Running: Expert Tips To Get Started

One of the best things about the sport of running is that there are numerous types to suit runners’ personalities and training goals. Road runners can enjoy anything from a 5K or 10K to a half marathon or marathon or any odd distance in between. Trail runners and cross-country racers enjoy off-road terrain, and ultrarunners … Read more

How To Qualify For Western States + List of WS100 Qualifying Races

If you follow trail running, your social media feed has surely been filled with updates from the Western States 100 recently, and after reading the articles, you may find yourself wondering how to qualify for the Western States 100. As you start to race ultramarathons, you’ll start to hear the names of some races spoken … Read more

The 9 Best Ultramarathons In The US Right Now

No matter what race distance you gravitate towards, from something as short as a 5k up through the marathon and beyond, it’s always motivating and exciting to run the “best” races at that distance. Iconic courses, scenic routes, PR-setting flat courses, well-organized events, and races that draw top runners can all make a race super … Read more

Fell Running Guide: What Is Fell Running? 

Running is a diverse sport, with all sorts of different niches and ways to participate. Some people only run on the treadmill at the gym or in their basement. Others love charity races and frequently participate in community 5ks.  Then, there are the endurance runners who train for half marathons or marathons, or even ultramarathons and … Read more

Running with Poles Guide: Benefits, Tips, + Techniques

If you follow ultra running or run races yourself, you’ve most likely seen an abundance of people running with poles lately. Kilian Jornet, Courtney Dauwalter, François D’haene, and most sky runners use poles while competing to take advantage of the great benefits that come along with them.  What exactly are running poles, and why and … Read more

What Is Skyrunning? A Guide To Racing The Mountains

Running a marathon is a feat in itself, but have you ever heard of skyrunning? Skyrunning is essentially very high alpine mountain running, but with a focus on elevation gain and technicality.  Killian Jornet is easily the biggest name in the sport. He made a name for himself by running up and down hair-raising steep … Read more

The Benefits of Trail Running: 6 Reasons To Hit The Trails Today!

Curious about trail running?  Not everyone is lucky enough to live in a trail running mecca; The Scandinavian Mountains, along the US’s Appalachian Trail, or along New Zealand’s rugged coastline.  But do not fret! Trail running is more accessible than you may think. But what exactly is trail running? Trail running is essentially off-road running, … Read more