Gaining Weight From Running? Here’s 4 Reasons Why You Aren’t Losing Weight

Gaining weight from running is probably not what you expected (or hoped for) when you got into the sport. If you’re like most runners, you’ve grown to love running and are looking for a way to lose weight and enjoy something you love doing.  Many people start running as a way to lose weight. It’s … Read more

Benefits Of Running On Sand: Make The Most of Training On The Beach

Whether you’re moving to a beach location or just headed out for a vacation, running on sand can be fun, challenging, and totally different from running on hard surfaces.  If you’ve tried run training on the sand before, you’ll know you have to adapt to the soft, moving surface and that your pace will be … Read more

Running With a Stroller: 13 Tips + Safety Guide For Parents

If you’re a runner and a first-time parent (or repeat offender), the idea of booking some miles with your little rugrat and running with a stroller is usually pretty appealing. You get to do your running workout while spending time with baby – awesome! But preparing for stroller runs, and adjusting your workouts to account … Read more

Chocolate Milk After a Workout: Is it Really a Good Recovery Drink?

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Legs Feel Heavy When Running? Here’s 7 Reasons Why

Why do my legs feel heavy when running? There’s nothing worse than strapping on your running shoes early in the morning, convincing yourself you’ll feel healthy and empowered once you get started…only to suffer from heavy legs throughout the run.  At first, you might think it’s because you’re tired or you’ve ‘fallen off the wagon’ … Read more