Running 10k Every Day: The Benefits, Drawbacks + What To Expect

Do you wish to set the goal to run a 10k every day? Congratulations! That is an admirable goal and one that may spur positive physical and mental changes in your life.  However, running 10k every day isn’t for the faint of heart. You need to work up to this goal and consider some drawbacks … Read more

Self-Defense For Runners: How To Stay Safe On The Road

It is a grim reality that, on a regular basis, runners get attacked while out running. In fact, a 2021 Runner’s World survey found that sixty percent of runners have been harassed, either verbally or physically, while out running. Tragically, some runners have even lost their lives or disappeared. This is why it is paramount … Read more

Should You Workout When Sore? + 7 Tips For Productive Training

Growth happens under stress—as long as you recover well. That’s a rule in life—and in exercise. When you challenge your body in new ways, it breaks down a little bit and becomes sore. When it has time to heal, it builds back stronger. This process begs the question: should you workout when sore? If you … Read more

5 Causes Of Foot Pain From Running: Why Do My Feet Hurt When I Run?

Your feet play a starring role in your running. They withstand force up to three times your body weight with each step and trigger the propulsion that moves you forward. It’s no wonder runners often suffer from foot pain from running.  Your feet are also very complex featuring 26 bones and an intricate network of … Read more

Shoulder Pain When Running: 4 Common Injuries + Prevention Tips 

When running, you can expect to feel some aches and pains, but usually, you don’t expect them in your upper body. However, shoulder pain when running is actually common.  After all, running is a full-body exercise, and when you’re running, you’re not only swinging your legs, you are swinging your arms and shoulders, too. While … Read more

Walking A Half Marathon: How To + Training Guide

So, you want to walk a half marathon? That’s a great goal! Walking a half marathon is a wonderful way to jumpstart your fitness, prepare your body for running (if that’s your goal), and feel accomplished.  While walking is less impactful on the body than running, it still requires training. Walking 13.1 miles or 21 … Read more

How Many Days To Take Off After A Half Marathon + 8 Useful Recovery Tips

Running a half marathon can be very taxing. Recovering from running 13.1 miles takes time for your body to repair the damage, build back stronger, and prevent any running injuries. A lot of runners wonder how many days to take off after a half marathon. The answer depends on a lot of different factors.  Many … Read more

How To Avoid Hitting The Wall On Your Marathon: 6 Expert Tips

Running a marathon is HARD, but what makes it even harder is “hitting the wall.” If you’ve run a marathon, there’s a good chance you know what it means to hit the wall, because it’s an unmistakably terrible feeling.  Hitting the wall happens in a marathon is when your body has run out of fuel … Read more

The Ultimate Marathon Checklist: All You Need To Know To Succeed

You’ve trained for months, rearranged, upended your life, and said no to late nights for early morning miles. Now is not the time to get lax with planning and training by not packing correctly for your marathon. We are here to help with your Ultimate Pre-race Marathon Checklist and all of your marathon day essentials! … Read more

How To Train for a Spartan Race: Training Guide + 3 Surefire Workouts

Sometimes runners like to add a little flavor to the challenge of running. Enter the Spartan Race, a type of obstacle course race in which competitors must run, lift, climb, crawl, balance, throw, jump, and carry to complete the race distance, and you’ll do just that. Tall walls, heavy objects, mud, barbed wire, and sometimes … Read more

8 Best Running Games for Kids

Running is great for all people, young and old, including our kids! But while we are born to love running, the idea of “going for a run” isn’t exactly the most enticing. That’s why we want to share the best running games for kids to make running FUN! Exercise is good for kids. In fact, … Read more

Half Marathon Long Run: How Long Should Your Longest Training Run Be?

Long runs are the bread and butter of any long-distance running, including the half marathon. They are where you build endurance and mental toughness, and prepare the body to go the distance.  But how long should your longest half marathon long run be?  The number of miles for your longest long run can vary widely … Read more