The 7 Best Hoka Running Shoes Available Right Now: Run-Tested and Editor-Approved

As the running shoe market grows in complexity, so does the task of choosing the right sneakers. Shoppers today have to consider not only whether they want neutral or stability shoes but also must form an opinion on heel-to-toe drops, stack heights, and carbon plates. Despite the growing sophistication of the running shoe ecosystem, French … Read more

The 14 Best Carbon Plate Running Shoes In 2024

Editor’s Message: On January 30th, we updated our footwear choices to confirm availability and included additional high-performing footwear from our latest round of testing. As new models are released throughout 2024, we will update our selection. There’s never been a better time to be racing on the roads than now. With a massive choice of carbon … Read more

The 7 Best Trail Running Shoes in 2024

Trail running and trail running shoes have exploded in recent years into a new market segment and almost a new sport. With major global events such as the UTMB gaining more and more attention, the call of the trails has never been greater. When I started running seriously in the 1980s, trail running shoes were … Read more

The 10 Best Kids Running Shoes In 2024

Sometimes, it seems like kids have an unlimited supply of energy. Whether it’s climbing a tree, running around with their pals, or hurrying off to school in the morning, they always seem to be rushing around. Because of this, wearing sensible, durable, and good-quality kids running shoes is super important. It doesn’t matter if your … Read more

The 8 Best New Balance Running Shoes in 2024

Born in 1906 in Boston, USA, the New Balance Arch Support Company began manufacturinga flexible arch support. It later began making footwear and today is one of the leading running shoe manufacturers in the world. New Balance is now specializing in athletic footwear including running shoes as well as a wide range of other sports … Read more

The 7 Best Adidas Running Shoes Hand Picked By Our Shoe Editor

Adidas running shoes have been at the top of the market for decades. Their models suit a variety of runners, and I believe everyone can find something to suit them in their range.  The innovative brand explains its technologies through a variety of terms; here they are so you can better understand what you’re looking … Read more

Best 7 Recovery Shoes for Runners in 2024

‘Recovery‘ is that essential phase of training when your focus switches from smashing goals to allowing your body to rest and recuperate from previous exertions. While we all put a lot of thought into choosing marathon running shoes, for example, or race-day footwear, recovery shoes never get quite as much attention. Yet finding the right … Read more

The 7 Best Saucony Running Shoes In 2024

A good pair of running shoes is key to both your comfort and performance, whether you’re training for a marathon, diving into the Couch to 5K, or enjoying a recreational jog around the block. And for high-quality footwear, one of the leading brands to consider is Saucony, a company with decades of experience in producing … Read more

The Best Vegan Running Shoes 2024: Affordable and Sustainable

When it comes to diet, being vegan is pretty simple – no dairy, eggs, or meat. But what about when it comes to picking vegan running shoes? It might come as a surprise to many, but countless running shoes on the market aren’t suitable for vegans as they’re made from animal-derived material. From synthetic fabrics … Read more

The 5 Best Reebok Running Shoes On The Market Right Now

Whereas other big brands like Nike and Adidas consistently work on delivering category-defining running shoes, with the latest tech, Reebok focuses on straightforward, go-to shoes. Reebok’s running shoe range fills a gap for runners looking for more affordable and versatile shoes. They are more focused on quality than quantity, and here are our absolute favorites. So, … Read more