50 Mile Training Plan – Just Finish (For First-timers)

Our 50 Mile Training Plan – Just Finish is designed for beginner or intermediate runners who want to comfortably complete their 50 miler ultramarathon without focusing on speed or finishing time.

Once you go beyond marathon distance and stray into ultra territory, the training strategies and advice vary an incredible amount.   

This 50 Mile training plan – Just Finish plan was initially developed by pulling strategies from a few sources, and has been refined by myself and several other ultra-runners.

Keep scrolling to access the 50 mile plan for free in PDF or customizable Google Sheets format in both miles or kilometers.

50 Mile Training Plan – Just Finish: Essential Info

Who Is It For?:

Our Just Finish training plans are for beginner ultrarunners who simply want to complete the event.

If you don’t want to spend all your free time training and have no specific finishing time in mind, this is the plan for you.

Our Just Finish training plans usually have more rest days and very little speed work (if any); they’re designed to condition your body to complete the distance, but not more.

The 50 miler training plan just finish is ideal for completing your first event, or for runners with busy lives!

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How Long?: 

Six months // 24 weeks.  

How Many Days Per Week?:

The majority of this 50 miler training program features 4 or 5 days of training per week.

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Training Breakdown: What Will Your Weekly Schedule Consist Of?

Speed Work

One optional day of speed work is included in this 50 mile ultra training plan; this is to improve your base running speed and your running economy. It’s not considered mandatory; prioritize long runs over all other runs.

Time On Your Feet

This is paramount – more important than speed or miles. It’s also the biggest commitment you’ll have to give for your 50 miler preparation. Your body has to get used to being on your feet for hours on end, so it holds up well come race day. 

Hence the huge amount of miles included in this program. This can mean committing serious chunks of your life (weekends) to running.  

Cross Training

A 50 mile ultra run is all about endurance, and muscular strength makes you an endurance animal. Many runners can get by with marathon-length runs by doing only running training.  

But once you are on your legs for several hours at a time, having some core strength really helps you keep your form and fuels your endurance.   Remember – your whole body is active while running, not just your legs.  

I highly recommend doing cross training once per week (more if you manage), focussing on the upper body. If you only have time for one cross-training session, focus on your legs with lunges, squats, and stretching – your body will thank you when you’re 10hrs into the race.

Cross-training also improves your cardiovascular health and strengthens some of the muscles weakened through running, thereby reducing your chance of injury. Other recommended cross-training exercises include bodyweight exerciseslight gym work, swimmingyogapilatesand cycling.

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Long Runs

Just like marathon prep, you should be factoring in one long, slow run every weekend. As a minimum, you want to have completed at least one 30 mile run (50km) before your 50 miler. 

The 50 mile training plan just finish features one 30 mile run.

Another worthwhile training technique is back-to-backs. This is running two long runs on consecutive days. This technique gets your body used to running on tired legs.  

Tapering For 50 Miles

Tapering is the age-old marathon training technique of letting your training peak 4 weeks before your race and gradually backing off. 

It’s a nice rule of thumb that means you’ve given yourself plenty of time for preparation.

Tapering minimizes the risk of injury prior to the race and means you should arrive at the start line in the best possible condition. 

However, you’ll often find that it’s harder to apply such a rigid structure to an ultra-marathon training schedule.

Many seasoned ultra-runners barely taper at all – they might just relax a bit more in the week leading up to the event.

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Proven Training Plans by a UESCA-Certified Running Coach 

Every one of our training plans has been developed by Thomas Watson, a UESCA-certified running coach.

Thomas is also a podium-finishing ultra-marathon runner and has dozens of marathons under his belt.

Each training plan has been road-tested by hundreds of runners, refined and improved, and is free to download and customize to suit your needs!

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