Why Every Runner Should Keep A Running Log

On May 11th, 2013, I ran my fastest half-marathon in Ashdown, Arkansas, with a time of 1:29:17. Years later, I completed another half marathon. I ran 1:35:01, the fastest time I’ve run since 2013. After finishing the half, I wondered what I did differently in 2013 that made me run my personal best. So, I … Read more

10 Safety Tips For Running In The Dark

As dedicated runners, we yearn for the satisfaction of checking off our daily workouts in our training plans, feeling pleased to have completed our runs, and taking another step towards our current goal.  Whether you wake up at the crack of dawn and hit the pavement or trails to start your day or are an … Read more

50 Running Terms: Terminology All Runners Should Know

Whenever you start a new sport, activity, or hobby, there’s some unfamiliar lingo you have to learn, and running is no exception. Running terminology spans the gamut from terms that describe specific types of workouts to the lingo that runners use to describe feelings associated with being a runner, sometimes in a tongue-in-cheek manner. For … Read more

10 Tips To Survive Running In Humidity

Running in extreme temperatures is challenging, whether it’s strong winds, rain, snow, or hot days with muggy and humid conditions. Running when it’s hot outside can make you feel like you’re burning up, and you have to be wary of your core temperature rising too much and of dehydration. Running when it’s freezing cold can … Read more

What Are The Benefits And Risks Of Running Every Day?

It can be very challenging to start a fitness routine, let alone take up running. If you’ve been inactive for a long time, imagining yourself running every day likely seems nearly as inconceivable as winning the lottery or taking a trip around the world. After all, following Newton’s Laws of Motion and the concept of … Read more

The Top 11 Benefits Of Running In The Morning

Most runners find that they are most consistent with their training if they establish a running routine, which typically involves running at roughly the same time of day every day that they run. Because of this tendency, runners usually fall within one of several camps: morning, midday, or evening runs. While there’s quite a bit of … Read more

Sprinting Star Fred Kerley Ends Sponsorship With ASICS Ahead Of Olympics After Dramatic NYC Grand Prix

Fred Kerley, the 2022 World Champion in the 100m, has parted ways with his primary sponsor, ASICS, after a dramatic New York City Grand Prix. Kerley, who signed with ASICS in February 2023 after his contract with Nike expired, was looking to rebound in 2024 following a disappointing 2023 season where he failed to qualify … Read more

How To Run with Poles: Our Top Tips + Techniques Of Running With Poles

To pole or not to pole, that is the question.  Running poles are used by a wide array of trail runners, from elite athletes at the top of the food chain competing in ultra-marathons and traversing through mountains with insane amounts of vertical gain to weekend warriors hiking their local trails.  As a running coach … Read more

Base Training For Runners: Why Is It Important?

Whether you’re a seasoned marathoner or just starting your first 5K, you’ve probably heard about the importance of base training.  Base training is a “build phase” in which you gradually increase your weekly mileage or training volume and your body makes the necessary adaptations to tolerate the demands of a running training plan.  Picture it … Read more

I Ran The Disney Races – Here Are My Insider Tips For The Goofy Challenge

I recently had the opportunity to go down to Orlando, Florida to run some of the Walt Disney World Marathon races. Whether you are a novice runner, aspiring runner, or experienced runner, the runDisney Marathon Weekend events can be a great way to put an exciting event on your race calendar so that you have … Read more