The Bolt Score Test: Measure Your Breathing Volume Capacity

One of the primary determinants of how fast and how long you can run without stopping is your lung capacity. Nearly every runner has found breathlessness to be the limiting factor in running faster at one time or another, so improving your lung capacity and aerobic breathing can have significant performance benefits for distance runners. The … Read more

Running In Snow and Ice Safely: 5 Winter Running Tips To Stay Upright

Depending on where you live in the world, your biggest weather-related concern when it comes to running outdoors may be surviving running in the frigid and snowy winter.  During the wintertime, you might find yourself stalking the weather forecast and habitually checking the weather app on your phone to determine if it is going to … Read more

Running 10 Minutes A Day: Health Benefits + How To Do It Sustainably

Getting started on a running routine can seem daunting, especially if you have a poor cardiovascular fitness level and do limited physical activity. While all forms of exercise provide various physical and mental health benefits, such as reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, helping support weight loss, lowering blood pressure, and improving mood, running is … Read more

What Is Drafting? + How This Controversial Tactic Can Win You Back Seconds (Or Minutes!)

Drafting has historically been associated with elite cycling, with cyclists sitting on each other’s back wheels to reap the aerodynamic benefits of reduced wind resistance. But more recently in 2019, drafting entered the spotlight in elite running when Eliud Kipchoge leveraged it to smash the two-hour marathon barrier. But it is nothing new, looking back … Read more

How To Run Without Losing Muscle Mass + 10 Effective Ways To Do So

Depending on your metabolism, body composition, and weight goals, it can be hard to do as much running as you’d like without losing muscle.

Nevertheless, with proper nutrition and training strategies like strength training and adequate protein intake, it’s possible to mitigate muscle loss while running.

Therefore, whether running leads to muscle loss depends on various factors such as nutrition, training intensity, and individual metabolic conditions.

How To Train For Cross Country: 6 Effective Workouts + Training Tips

Cross country is among the most exciting, challenging, and varied types of running. Because this sport involves traversing off-road courses, cross-country training can be unique compared to marathon or 10K training sessions. Knowing what specific workouts will benefit you as a runner and how to train for cross country properly will ensure improvement in your … Read more

What Does Running Do To Your Body? 16 Benefits Runners Will See

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The Run Walk Method: The Ultimate Running Method For Going Longer

If you’ve ever stopped to walk during a run or race because you were exhausted or out of breath and then started running again once you felt better, you’ve incorporated walking with your running. However, when discussing the run walk method, we are talking about a more specific, planned strategy, using pre-determined times for walking … Read more

How To Run Faster And Longer: 5 Expert Coach-Approved Tips

As a UESCA-certified running coach, I find that most runners who want to improve their running performance have one of two goals: running faster or running longer without stopping or fatiguing. Experienced runners often fall into the first camp. Perhaps it is a runner who has been training for the 5k, 10k, half marathon, or … Read more

What Is Zone 2 Cardio, How Do You Do It, And How Much Do You Need?

While there are many benefits of training by pace, it is also an equally valid approach to training—and sometimes even preferable—to always (or at least occasionally) ditch your pace and run by heart rate. Heart rate training1Habibi, E., Dehghan, H., Moghiseh, M., & Hasanzadeh, A. (2014). Study of the relationship between the aerobic capacity (VO2 … Read more

Does Running Give You Abs? 6 Tips To Get That Six-Pack

There are many physical and mental health benefits of running, which is why people follow a running routine for all sorts of reasons, ranging from building muscle and reducing the risk of lifestyle diseases to decreasing stress and improving self-esteem. As a certified personal trainer and running coach for over 15 years, I have also … Read more