I Ran The Disney Races – Here Are My Insider Tips For The Goofy Challenge

I recently had the opportunity to go down to Orlando, Florida to run some of the Walt Disney World Marathon races. Whether you are a novice runner, aspiring runner, or experienced runner, the runDisney Marathon Weekend events can be a great way to put an exciting event on your race calendar so that you have … Read more

Here’s How To Do Lactate Threshold Training (And What It Actually Is)

There are probably at least a dozen different types of running workouts distance runners can incorporate into their training plans to improve their top speed, running economy, and biomechanics. One of the most popular and effective types of workouts for distance runners and endurance athletes is lactate threshold training. But, what is lactate threshold training? … Read more

The 26 Best Running Books – The Definitive Runner’s Reading List

From the philosophy behind why we run, to technical guides and inspiring stories, running has so much depth and so many fascinating different aspects. Whilst there are countless amazing running books, in this article we’ve compiled a definitive list of the very best running books in a number of different categories. Even better, they’re all … Read more

The 5 Hour Marathon Pace Chart + Training Guide, By Our Expert Coach

In my years of working as a Certified Running Coach with runners of all levels, I have found that many runners aim to run a marathon. However, plenty of runners, especially beginners, are shy to voice their interest in completing the iconic 26.2 mile race distance for fear that they are “never going to be … Read more

Does Height Affect Running Speed? Here’s Why It Doesn’t

For many sports, height can have a major impact on your potential success. For example, the average height of NBA basketball players certainly exceeds the average height for men outside of the professional basketball arena. Volleyball players also tend to be quite tall whereas professional jockeys for horse racing are usually shorter people with a … Read more

Running in the Wind Guide: 7 Tips For Windy Day Runs

Do you have trouble running in the wind? Well, you aren’t alone. When it comes to difficult and cold weather conditions like rain or even ice and snow, there is plenty of gear you can grab to make your run safer and more enjoyable.  Unfortunately, wind can be a bit more complicated.  Due to air … Read more

Carbs For Runners: The Best Carb Sources To Fuel Your Runs

Many of the most popular weight loss diets are low-carb diets. However, for endurance athletes such as long-distance runners, carbohydrates are a key source of energy not only for your actual running workouts but also for supporting your overall energy needs and recovering from all of the training that you do.1Ludwig, D. S., Hu, F. … Read more

Running Cadence: Is There Really An Ideal Running Cadence?

Running cadence, also called stride rate, step rate, or stride frequency, refers to the number of steps you take per minute (spm) as you run.  You can determine your running cadence by counting how many times your right foot hits the ground in one minute and then multiplying that number by two. For example, if … Read more

Elliptical vs Treadmill: We Compare The Fitness Benefits

Most people know that consistent aerobic exercise benefits the cardiovascular system. However, choosing the best type of cardio exercise is often a question that beginners get hung up on. Therefore, as a certified personal trainer (CPT), some of the most common questions regarding choosing a type of cardio machine at the gym are: Is it … Read more

Running In The Morning: Benefits + 11 Tips to Becoming An Early Morning Runner

Choosing the best time of the day to run can be a personal decision. Some runners are “morning people,“meaning they wake up full of energy, often without even needing an alarm clock, whereas other runners are “night owls“ who like to stay up late and have trouble refraining from hitting snooze several times each morning. … Read more