Brooks Glycerin GTS 20 Review

The Brooks Glycerin GTS 20 is a maximum cushioned daily trainer with some surprising features. Combining Brooks’ softest foam and Guiderails technology, this shoe is optimal for individuals looking to run long distances on the road.

Brooks’ Guiderails technology in the shoe is a great tool for individuals that experience discomfort in their ankles, knees, or hips as a result of excess motion from overpronation

The guiderails help to relieve this discomfort by controlling some of this excess motion and thus reducing some of the stress placed on the body. 

Plush and padded, the Glycerin GTS 20 is a maximally cushioned shoe designed for distance running. 

With a segmented crash pad ideal for heel-to-toe transition, this shoe absorbs shock on each foot strike and keeps the legs protected over long easy miles. 

I would recommend this shoe or the Glycerin 20 to anyone who is training for a long endurance run such as a half marathon or greater

With all this cushion, it is remarkably more responsive than expected.

We put the shoe through its paces, read on for our full review!

brooks glycerin GTS 20 infographic
Accommodating toe boxA little on the heavier side
Plenty of cushioningNot super responsive
Guiderails to help with ankle knee or hip painHigher price point
Accommodating toe box
Longer-lasting materials
Breathable engineered air-mesh

Marathon Handbook rating:

Rating: 4 out of 5.

4.3 / 5.0

Brooks Glycerin GTS 20: Specs And First Impressions

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The sister shoe to the Glycerin 20, the “GTS” has Brooks’ signature guiderails technology. 

The guiderails behave like bumper lanes on a bowling alley; providing a path for the foot down the lane of the shoe, the guiderails keep your feet out of the gutter. 

For overpronators like myself, this shoe keeps excess motion in the ankle under control.

Brooks Glycerin GTS 20 Specs Overview:

  • Weight: 9.4 oz / 266.5 grams
  • Heel to toe drop: 10mm
  • Category: Stability
  • Terrain: Road
  • Pace: Daily easy/long-distance runs

The Brooks Glycerin GTS 20 made its debut with some incredibly noteworthy improvements. 

First and foremost is the introduction of DNA Loftv3 in the midsole. This new blend of cushion infused with nitrogen air helps to create the softest, lightest, and most responsive Glycerin yet.

 It is even said that the Glycerin 20 has an additional 100 miles of life, meaning the shoe should be able to go 600 miles on the higher end.

The next update worth mentioning is the toe box. Its predecessor the Brooks Glycerin GTS 19 was known for yielding a narrower fit and tighter toe box; a red flag for many runners. 

In the Glycerin GTS 20, this has been addressed, and the new model has a much roomier forefoot for toe splay,  made even more comfortable with the lightweight and breathable engineered air-mesh upper. 

If you have worn the Glycerin GTS 19 in the past, I would consider trying the 20 in a half-size smaller along with the expectation of having more room in the forefoot.

Brooks Glycerin GTS 20: Colors, Width, Styles

photo of Brooks Glycerin GTS 20

The Glycerin GTS 20 is a recent release, and currently has 3 available colors in its classic fit for both men and women. 

The Glycerin 20 Stealthfit Model

This year Brooks is also offering a stealth fit in a single color. 

The stealth fit offers a more compressive style of comfort and security without the presence of a classic tongue and lacing structure. 

Laces are still present, but are external, eliminating any possibility of discomfort. In short, it feels like a second sock is present on the foot.

Brooks Glycerin GTS 20 – Sizing

photo of Brooks Glycerin GTS 20

The classic fit in the Glycerin GTS 20 offers two different options in widths for men and women.

Men have the option for a D width and 2EE width, while women can purchase the shoe in a B and D width

There is currently no option for a narrow width. In the stealth fit, the only option for width is the standard D width for men, and B width for women.

Women have a size range from 5 – 12 while men’s sizes are offered from sizes 7 – 15. 

Compared to other Brooks shoes, the Glycerin GTS 20 runs relatively “true to size”, especially compared to the Brooks Ghost 14. 

The size range that Brooks provides is relatively inclusive, though I personally would like to see a size 13 available for women, and 16 for men in the future.

This new addition to the Brooks lineup maintains a familiar 10mm drop from heel to toe; a classic go-to for most shoes made by Brooks. 

While a little heavy in contrast to some other popular trainers, the Glycerin GTS 20 is lighter than one would initially expect. That said, at 10.5oz in men’s and 9.4oz in women’s, this shoe can start to feel a little heavy on longer, harder efforts.

Brooks Glycerin GTS 20 Road Test: How Did It Perform?

photo of Brooks Glycerin GTS 20

I grabbed a pair of Glycerin GTS 20s during the first week of its release. 

I knew this shoe was a win the moment I laced it on my feet for the first time. 

With 150+ miles of wear testing, I would argue that it is best utilized on harder surfaces like concrete or asphalt

That said, well-groomed dirt roads are another adequate surface. Anything uneven such as trails with rocky, rooted surfaces don’t mix well with the high level of cushion in the Glycerin GTS.

With ample room for the forefoot, nothing feels constricting. The foot gets lost in the Glycerin GTS 20. In other words, if not for the unparalleled padding, it wouldn’t feel as though a shoe were present on the foot at all. 

Running feels like floating in the Glycerin GTS 20. 

The cushion in the shoe is incredibly soft, yet surprisingly responsive. The earth disappears beneath the shoe and clouds form in its place. 

Most shoes with this much padding lack responsive energy return. This shoe from Brooks is a different story. 

The nitrogen in the midsole allows for a lighter sensation and a more responsive level of performance than others in its class.

Easy-to-moderate paces are a simple task for the Glycerin GTS 20.

With all this cushion, it is remarkably more responsive than expected.

That being said, if you are looking to run a personal record time then I would suggest a different shoe; perhaps the Hyperion Tempo, or Hyperion Elite 3 from Brooks’ racing lineup.

Key Takeaways: Should You Buy The Brooks Glycerin GTS 20?

photo of brooks glycerin gts 20

I love the Glycerin GTS 20.

Coming from someone that has been a fan of the Brooks Adrenaline for many years, this shoe has been a great addition to my regular rotation. 

This shoe is a great example representation of the saying “you get what you pay for”. 

With a higher-end price point, it is only around $20 more expensive than the Adrenaline while providing two times the level of comfort. 

I have enjoyed this shoe so immensely that I have two pairs so I can rotate them throughout the week.

The shoe does what it is made to do, and really leaves nothing left to be desired.

I would encourage anyone that is accustomed to wearing stability shoes to try the Glycerin GTS 20. Try them at your local running store or try them directly from Brooks’ retail website.

Brooks is so confident in the performance of their footwear that they offer a 90-day return policy. If you’re not running happily in your Brooks, then you can return them for free.

Marathon Handbook rating:

Rating: 4 out of 5.

4.3 / 5.0

photo of brooks glycerin gts 20
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  1. As a valet runner on the Vegas Strip… I need a running shoe with maximum cushion for short burst road running/standing for 8 hours a day. I’ve been using the Brooks Adrenaline 20 GTS. Would you recommend a switch to the Glycerine? I’m also considering the On Cloud Monster in my shoe rotation.


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