What To Eat Before A Half Marathon, According To Our Running Coach And Nutritionist

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How To Nail Your Half Marathon Taper: A Complete Timeline

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The Best Half Marathon Shoes, Chosen By Our In-House Shoe Experts

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What To Eat After A Half Marathon: Helpful Refueling Tips For Runners

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How To Train For A Half Marathon: 9 Expert Tips For A Successful Race

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Half Marathon Nutrition: What To Eat When Training For A Half Marathon

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Do I Need To Fuel During A Half Marathon? Fueling Strategy Explained

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How Many Days To Take Off After A Half Marathon + 8 Useful Recovery Tips

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Half Marathon Long Run: How Long Should Your Longest Training Run Be?

Long runs are the bread and butter of any long-distance running, including the half marathon. They are where you build endurance and mental toughness, and prepare the body to go the distance.  But how long should your longest half marathon long run be?  The number of miles for your longest long run can vary widely … Read more