What To Eat After A Half Marathon: Helpful Refueling Tips For Runners

Runners often focus on what to eat the night before and the morning of a half marathon race, but knowing what to eat after a half marathon is equally important.  Although there are limited studies on half marathon running specifically, research has found that what you eat immediately after a marathon can have a significant … Read more

How To Train For A Half Marathon: 9 Expert Tips For A Successful Race

Training to run your first, fifth, or 55th half marathon is always exciting. It is a great distance because it is long enough to feel incredibly rewarding upon completion and short enough that it is manageable for most runners juggling a busy life with a full-time job and other responsibilities. But what are the best … Read more

Do I Need To Fuel During A Half Marathon? Fueling Strategy Explained

Most runners are well aware of the need to fuel during a marathon.  There are all sorts of energy gels, sports drinks, and bars marketed to marathon runners to help fuel during the race, as well as real food options for nutrition needs during the race as well. But what about the half marathon? Should … Read more

How Many Days To Take Off After A Half Marathon + 8 Useful Recovery Tips

Running a half marathon can be very taxing. Recovering from running 13.1 miles takes time for your body to repair the damage, build back stronger, and prevent any running injuries. A lot of runners wonder how many days to take off after a half marathon. The answer depends on a lot of different factors.  Many … Read more

Half Marathon Long Run: How Long Should Your Longest Training Run Be?

Long runs are the bread and butter of any long-distance running, including the half marathon. They are where you build endurance and mental toughness, and prepare the body to go the distance.  But how long should your longest half marathon long run be?  The number of miles for your longest long run can vary widely … Read more

What To Eat Before a Half Marathon + FREE 4-week meal plan

Knowing how to fuel, or what to eat before a half marathon is an essential part of your race day performance. Your body can store energy in the form of glycogen in your muscles and liver, so ensuring you’ve got these reserves topped up means you’re more likely to do well in your half marathon! … Read more