The 3 Day A Week Marathon Training Guide + Complete Training Plan

When most people envision marathon training, they imagine high-mileage weeks that involve running nearly every day. And, while training for a marathon does require some long runs and running a lot can potentially improve your performance, it’s also possible to finish a marathon by running only three days per week. In this article, we discuss … Read more

How To Train For A Marathon In 3 Months (+ Training Plan)

In this post, I’m going to outline a training method for getting marathon ready in 3 months – and share my 3 month marathon training plan. When runners ask “How long does it take to train for a marathon?”, generally the minimum I’d recommend – depending on the runner’s background – is 12 weeks, or 3 … Read more

How To Run a Sub 3 Hour Marathon + Training Plan

For many intermediate endurance runners, completing a sub 3 hour marathon is the pinnacle of their running journey and a huge life achievement. With the accomplishment of consistent finishes under four hours comes the planting of a seed that going under three hours may well be possible. Accepting that challenge means embracing the additional physical … Read more

The Sub 4 Hour Marathon: Essential Guide + Training Plan

Bagging a sub 4 hour marathon is all about getting that 4 hour marathon pace right. After running a bunch of them myself and coaching many other through the process, I learned the right pacing strategies and training methodologies to break the 4 hour barrier. In this post, I’m going to break down what you … Read more

Couch To Marathon – The Ultimate Training Guide (+ Training Plan)

Going from ‘couch to marathon‘ is an epic undertaking – and a huge adventure! In this post, I will walk through our proven ‘couch to marathon‘ method, outline the main training principles to follow, and share training plans for each phase! We’ll look at: (just looking for the training plan?  Scroll to the bottom to … Read more

How To Train For a Marathon in 6 Months (+ Training Plan)

Hey guys, in this post we’ll go through an in-depth guide into how to train for a marathon in 6 months.    If you’re looking to jump ahead and grab a copy of the training plan, here it is – 6 month marathon training plan.   But be sure to come back to this article later, as it has loads … Read more