The 11 Most Beautiful Marathons In The World

Choosing the best marathon to run is like picking a flavor of ice cream at your favorite ice cream shop. You can go with something super popular, a tried-and-true classic like vanilla, or something more adventurous and unique-sounding like coffee cookie crumble. There are so many choices, and while they may all look so good, you … Read more

The 11 Best Marathons In The USA + 11 Honorable Mentions

For many runners, running a marathon is a bucket list goal. It’s an incredible accomplishment and one that’s completely attainable for experienced runners who put in the training. Picking which marathon to run is much like the proverbial kid in a candy store agog with an endless number of appealing choices. Although the factors of … Read more

Here Are The 13 Best Fall Marathons In The US

Fall marathons are extremely popular among runners because the mild temperatures allow for faster race times and the scenic autumn foliage is just stunning to look at. Plus, depending on where you live, doing the bulk of your marathon training through the spring and summer months can be more feasible than through the winter as … Read more

The 4 Best Marathons In Scotland To Add To Your Bucket List

If you live outside of the UK and have never been to Scotland, choosing to run a marathon in Scotland may not even cross your mind. You may first think about running one of the best marathons in the UK, after which you may realize you’re only aware of the London Marathon. But, Scotland also … Read more

9 Great Marathons In The UK Well Worth Training For

Many runners who live outside of the UK only think of the London Marathon when it comes to conjuring up a list of the best marathons in the UK. However, while the London Marathon is indeed a fantastic race experience, and a bucket list marathon for many runners, there are also some other excellent marathons … Read more

5 Great Marathons In Ireland Worth Training For

As with marathons in most countries, the list of the best marathons in Ireland 2024 includes some larger city marathons, namely the Dublin Marathon, which is arguably the most well-known marathon in Ireland. The list also includes some smaller marathons and trail marathons in Ireland for runners who like a quiet, serene, or more isolated … Read more

Here Are The 8 Best Marathons For Beginners In The US

Running your first marathon can be as daunting as it is exciting.  Even if you have been running for a while, bumping up from the half marathon to the marathon represents doubling your furthest race distance. Also, the logistics become significantly more challenging in terms of not only the time, energy, and endurance involved in … Read more

Here Are The 11 Best Marathons In The World 

Choosing to run one of the top marathons in the world will help ensure that you have a great race experience and make the most of all of the hard work and dedication you’ve put into marathon training.

So, what are the top marathons in the world? Is there a list of the best marathons in the world? And, what makes a marathon one of the “best marathons in the world”?

The 6 Hardest Marathons In The USA: Get Ready For A Challenge

Although there is no way to create a definitive list of the toughest marathons in the US, we have put together a list of some of the most challenging marathons in the United States based on the difficulty of the course, the weather conditions, and other factors that can make a standard 26.2-mile marathon all … Read more

The 11 Biggest Marathons In The US

If you are a beginner, it can be less intimidating to take on a small marathon, particularly in your local area.  Marathons with a smaller field size typically have easier logistics to navigate in terms of how to get to the marathon course, and the overall race atmosphere is usually less intense. Even more, experienced … Read more