What’s A Good Half Marathon Time? Average Times By Age + Sex

​​Aside from the 5k, the half marathon is the most popular race distance worldwide, with 2.1 million participants in 2018, according to the International Institute of Sports Medicine.   Whether it’s your first half marathon or your twentieth, runners like to know what a good half marathon … Read more

What’s A Good 5K Time? Average 5K Times By Age, Sex + Fitness Level

One of the most significant and popular running benchmarks is the 5K race. There is an excellent variety of Couch to 5K programs for beginners to start their running journey, along with intermediate and advanced 5K run training schedules for more experienced runners to work towards a 5K PR. For new and experienced runners alike, … Read more

Here’s How Many Steps There Are In A Mile Running

As a certified personal trainer and running coach, I work with quite a range of individuals, from beginners who are just starting a running or fitness routine to competitive half marathon and marathon runners who are running over 80 miles per week. While the latter group of athletes tends to be focused primarily on improving … Read more

What’s A Good Mile Time? Average Times To Run A Mile By Age + Sex

As runners, we are somewhat naturally competitive and often look at what is considered to be good 5k, 10k, half marathon, and marathon times to see how we stack up against our peers and others in our age and sex group. Today, instead of looking at times for middle and longer distances, we will discuss … Read more

Who Is The Fastest Person In The World? Here Are The Craziest Running World Records

Runners tend to be competitive by nature, and even if you don’t like to enter races yourself (or even if you don’t like running at all!), it is still fun to look at running records and see who is the fastest runner in the world.

So, who is the fastest person in the world in 2023? Who is the fastest man in the world? Who is the fastest woman in the world? Who are the fastest sprinters in the world ever?

What’s A Good 100m Time? Average 100 Meter Times By Age + Sex

In athletics, there are a variety of events such as middle and long distance runs like the 800 meters, 1500 meters, 5000 meters, and the marathon. In addition, there are hurdles, jumps, throws, and combination events like the decathlon. There are also short sprints. The fastest, shortest track and field event is the 100-meter dash. … Read more

What’s A Good 800m Time? Average 800m Times By Age + Sex

In track and field, there are a wide variety of events and race distances, such as the 100-meter, 200-meter, and 400-meter sprints, as well as hurdles, throws, relays, cross country, and so on. The 800-meter event is considered a middle-distance event where both speed and endurance play a part. It takes place on a 400-meter … Read more

What’s A Good 400m Time? Average Times By Age + Sex

In track and field, there is a long list of events and race distances ranging from sprints such as the 100-meter and 200-meter dashes, middle distances such as the 800-meter, 5k, and 10k, and longer distances such as the half-marathon and marathon. The 400-meter event is considered a long sprint event, demanding a combination of … Read more

What Is The Fastest 10k Time Ever? Diving Into Astounding 10k Stats

It’s always fun to look at the fastest running times for specific distances and drop your jaw in awe at the blazing performances. Today, we will look at the fastest time for a 10k. What is the fastest 10k time ever? What is the fastest 10k time high school runners have achieved, and what is … Read more