How Many People Have Run A Marathon? World Statistics

Running a marathon is an awesome achievement, demonstrative of impressive physical and mental endurance, determination, and dedication to a training plan. It is a fitness achievement that is earned through consistent training, usually for 12 to 20 weeks or more, depending on your starting level of conditioning and experience as a runner. If you are … Read more

How Long Does It Take To Run 6 Miles? + 7 Tips To Improve Your Time

After you’ve been running for several months or longer, it’s natural to become interested in increasing the distance that you run. For example, you might progress from running 2-3 miles a day to 4 miles a day, and then maybe even 5 miles most days. Another good approach to increasing your endurance and aerobic capacity … Read more

How Fast Can A Cheetah Run? 14 Animal Running Speeds Compared

Most runners love to compare themselves to others.  Maybe it’s the next-door neighbor, the other guys or gals in your age group, your teammates in your running club, or the elite and professional runners and world record holders, but whomever you measure your PRs against, it’s fun and motivating to see how you stack up … Read more

What’s a Good VO2 Max? Average VO2 Max By Age And Sex

VO2 Max. Another pesky term that we hear in the running world all the time, but perhaps aren’t one hundred perfect sure what it means. Whether we are clear on the definition from the get-go or not, the questions that surely follow are, what’s a good VO2 Max,  and how I can improve my VO2 … Read more

What’s A Good Marathon Time? Average Marathon Times By Age + Sex

It’s not uncommon for runners to constantly want more. A new PR, a longer distance, a more challenging route. Let’s just say we become a bit addicted or, better yet, obsessed with running. Once we’ve mastered our 5k, 10k, and half-marathon, the next natural step is, yes, you guessed it, a marathon!  Whether it’s your … Read more

Average Heart Rate While Running: Guide By Age + 7 Influencing Factors

As a runner, one of the most important biometrics you should consider is your heart rate while running. Your heart rate while running gives tremendous insight into how hard you’re working, or the intensity of your run. Your exercise heart rate increases with effort or intensity, in a fairly linear and predictable pattern, meaning that … Read more

What’s A Good Half Marathon Time? Average Times By Age + Sex

​​Aside from the 5k, the half marathon is the most popular race distance worldwide, with 2.1 million participants in 2018, according to the International Institute of Sports Medicine.  Many runners gravitate towards the half marathon because it’s a nice sweet spot between the shorter distances like the 5k and 10k and the unforgiving and time-consuming … Read more

What’s A Good 5k Time? Average Times To Run A 5k By Age + Sex

One of the first significant running benchmarks is the all-famous 5k. There is an excellent variety of Couch to 5k programs out there to get you started on your first running journey. Still, for those who are more experienced, you may want to ask the burning question, what’s a good 5k time?  According to a study … Read more