A Complete List Of Running World Records (Updated 2023)

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Ready to be awe-inspired by some of the best athletes in the world?

It is incredibly motivating to see what the human body is capable of, and watching these elites smash records left and right, or hold onto their long-reigning titles just makes us want to go out there and give our absolute best.

Check out our guide showcasing a complete list of running world records!

In this guide, we will cover: 

  • Men’s Running World Records (Outdoors)
  • Men’s Running World Records (Indoors)
  • Women’s Running World Records (Outdoors)
  • Women’s Running World Records (Indoors)

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A group of track runners competing for running world records.

Why Everyday Runners Should Care About Running World Records

One of the best things about running is that it is predominantly an individual sport. Runners can choose to be as competitive as they want to be, in terms of how often they race, what kinds of races they enter, and even whether or not they ever want to enter a race.

Moreover, unless you are competing for a team, nearly all runners are really just competing against themselves and their own personal best times any time they toe the line and test themselves in a race.

Sure, the top athletes are vying to break the tape, take home the prize money, and earn a well-earned medal, but most of us are just hoping to run a faster time than we’ve ever posted for the distance before, take home a finisher’s medal, and enjoy the well-deserved post-race festivities.

A person warming up on a track.

However, as much as it is wonderful how inclusive the sport of running is and how unique it is that mere recreational athletes can run many of the same races as the sport’s elites, there is a bit of a disconnect in the attention of the professional and elite side of running and racing and that of other sports.

Sports like football, baseball, and basketball garner all sorts of fanatic viewership, and many top players are household names. The elite and professional side of running has yet to be as well followed and appreciated by everyday runners.

There’s a lot to gain by heeding attention to the greatest athletes in the sport of running. It’s inspiring to see how fast they can run, it can be helpful to observe proper running form at its finest, and it can bring the running community together as we cheer in unison as the best runners chase long-standing records.

Lastly, it can be simultaneously humbling to know the world records for every running distance and compare your own PRs with the fastest world record performances.

With that in mind, let’s look at the running world records as of early 2023.

We will examine the men’s running world records for outdoor events and indoor events and then women’s running world records for outdoor events and indoor events for the standard sanctioned distances.

You can continue to stay up to date with running world records at sites like Track & Field News and World Athletics.

A person jumping over a hurdle.

Men’s Running World Records (Outdoors)

EventWorld RecordCompetitorAge At Time of RecordCountryVenue LocationDate of Record
100 Meters9.58Usain Bolt22JamaicaBerlin, Germany8/16/09
200 Meters19.19Usain Bolt22JamaicaBerlin, Germany8/20/09
400 Meters43.03Wayde Van Niekerk24South AfricaRio de Janeiro, Brazil8/14/16
800 Meters01:40.9David Rudisha23KenyaLondon, Great Britain8/9/12
1000 Meters02:12.0Noah Ngeny20KenyaRieti, Italy9/5/99
1500 Meters03:26.0Hicham El Guerrouj23MoroccoRome, Italy7/14/98
One Mile03:43.1Hicham El Guerrouj24MoroccoRome, Italy7/7/99
2000 Meters04:44.8Hicham El Guerrouj24MoroccoBerlin, Germany9/7/99
3000 Meters07:20.7Daniel Komen20KenyaRieti, Italy9/1/96
5000 Meters12:35.4Joshua Cheptegei23UgandaMonaco, Monaco8/14/20
5 Kilometers12:49Berihu Aregawi20EthiopiaBarcelona, Spain12/31/21
10,000 Meters26:11.0Joshua Cheptegei24UgandaValencia, Spain10/7/20
10 Kilometers26:24:00Rhonex Kipruto20KenyaValencia, Spain1/12/20
One Hour21,330 metersMo Farah37Great BritainBruxelles, Belgium9/4/20
Half Marathon57:31:00Jacob Kiplimo21UgandaLisbon, Portugal11/21/21
Marathon2:01:09Eliud Kipchoge33KenyaBerlin, Germany9/25/22
50 Kilometers2:40:13Stephen Mokoka37South AfricaGqebera, South Africa3/6/22
100 Kilometers6:05:41Aleksandr Sorokin40LithuaniaBedford, United Kingdom4/23/22
100 Miles10:51:39Aleksandr Sorokin40LithuaniaTel Aviv, Israel1/6/22
3000 Meters Steeplechase07:53.6Saif Saaeed Shaheen21QatarBruxelles, Belgium9/3/04
110 Meters Hurdles12.8Aries Merritt27USABruxelles, Belgium9/7/12
400 Meters Hurdles45.94Karsten Warholm25NorwayTokyo, Japan8/3/21
Decathlon9126 pointsKevin Mayer26FranceTalence, France9/16/18
20,000 Meters Race Walk1:17:25.6Bernardo Segura24MexicoFana, Norway5/7/94
20 Kilometers Race Walk1:16:36Yusuke Suzuki27JapanNomi, Japan3/15/15
30,000 Meters Race Walk2:01:44.1Maurizio Damilano35ItalyCuneo, Italy10/3/92
50,000 Meters Race Walk3:35:27.2Yohann Diniz33FranceReims, France3/12/11
50 Kilometers Race Walk3:32:33Yohann Diniz36FranceZürich, Switzerland8/15/14
4×100 Meters Relay36.84JamaicaJamaicaLondon, Great Britain8/11/12
4×200 Meters Relay01:18.6JamaicaJamaicaNassau, Bahamas5/24/14
4×400 Meters Relay02:54.3United StatesUSAStuttgart, Germany8/22/93
4×800 Meters Relay07:02.4KenyaKenyaBruxelles, Belgium8/25/06
4×1500 Meters Relay14:22.2KenyaKenyaNassau, Bahamas5/25/14
Road Relay1:57:06KenyaKenyaChiba, Japan11/23/05
Distance Medley Relay09:15.5United StatesUSANassau, Bahamas5/3/15
A man sprinting.

Men’s Running World Records (Indoors)

EventWorld RecordCompetitorAge At Time of RecordCountryVenue LocationDate of Record
50 Meters5.56Donovan Bailey28CanadaReno, NV, USA2/9/96
60 Meters6.34Christian Coleman21USAAlbuquerque, NM, USA2/18/18
200 Meters19.92Frank Fredericks28NamibiaLiévin, France2/18/96
400 Meters44.57Kerron Clement19USAFayetteville, AR, USA3/12/05
800 Meters01:42.7Wilson Kipketer24DenmarkParis, France3/9/97
1000 Meters02:14.2Ayanleh Souleiman23DjiboutiStockholm, Sweden2/17/16
1500 Meters03:30.6Jakob Ingebrigtsen21NorwayLiévin, France2/17/22
One Mile03:47.0Yomif Kejelcha21EthiopiaBoston, MA, USA3/3/19
3000 Meters07:24.9Daniel Komen21KenyaBudapest, Hungary2/6/98
5000 Meters12:49.6Kenenisa Bekele21EthiopiaBirmingham, Great Britain2/20/04
50 Meters Hurdles6.25Mark Mckoy24CanadaKobe, Japan3/5/86
60 Meters Hurdles7.29Grant Holloway24USABeograd, Serbia3/20/22
Heptathlon6645Ashton Eaton24USAIstanbul, Turkey3/10/12
5000 Meters Race Walk18:07.1Mikhail Shchennikov27RussiaMoskva, Russia2/14/95
4×200 Meters Relay01:22.1Great Britain & NiGreat BritainGlasgow, Great Britain3/3/91
4×400 Meters Relay03:01.5HoustonUSAClemson, SC, USA2/9/19
4×800 Meters Relay07:11.3Hoka Nj / Ny TcUSABoston, MA, USA2/25/18
A woman running.

Women’s Running World Records (Outdoors)

EventWorld RecordRecord HolderAge at Time of RecordCountryVenue LocationDate of Record
100 Meters10.49Florence Griffith-Joyner28USAIndianapolis, IN, USA7/16/88
200 Meters21.34Florence Griffith-Joyner28USASeoul, South Korea9/29/88
400 Meters47.6Marita Koch28East GermanyCanberra, Australia10/6/85
800 Meters01:53.3Jarmila Kratochvílová32CzechoslovakiaMünchen, Germany7/26/83
1000 Meters02:29.0Svetlana Masterkova28RussiaBruxelles, Belgium8/23/96
1500 Meters03:50.1Genzebe Dibaba24EthiopiaMonaco, Monaco7/17/15
One Mile04:12.3Sifan Hassan26NetherlandsMonaco, Monaco7/12/19
2000 Meters05:21.6Francine Nyonsaba28BurundiZagreb, Croatia9/14/21
3000 Meters08:06.1Junxia Wang20ChinaBeijing, China9/13/93
5000 Meters14:06.6Letesenbet Gidey22EthiopiaValencia, Spain10/7/20
5 Kilometers (Women’s Only Race)14:29Senbere Teferi26EthiopiaHerzogenaurach, Germany9/12/21
5 Kilometers (Mixed Gender Race)14:19Ejgayehu Taya21EthiopiaBarcelona, Spain12/31/21
10,000 Meters29:01.0Letesenbet Gidey23EthiopiaHengelo, Netherlands6/8/21
10 Kilometers (Women’s Only Race)30:01Agnes Jebet Tirop25KenyaHerzogenaurach, Germany9/12/21
10 Kilometers (Mixed Gender Race)29:14Yalemzerf Yehualaw22EthiopiaCastellón, Spain2/27/22
One Hour18,930 metersSifan Hassan27NetherlandsBruxelles, Belgium9/4/20
Half Marathon (Women’s Only Race)1:05:16Peres Jepchirchir27KenyaGdynia, Poland10/17/20
Half Marathon (Mixed Gender Race)1:02:52Letesenbet Gidey23EthiopiaValencia, Spain10/24/21
Marathon (Women’s Only Race)2:17:01Mary Jepkosgei Keitany35KenyaLondon, Great Britain4/23/17
Marathon (Mixed Gender Race)2:14:04Brigid Kosgei25KenyaChicago, IL, USA10/13/19
50 Kilometers (Women’s Only Race)3:04:24Irvette Van Zyl33South AfricaPort Elizabeth, South Africa5/23/21
50 Kilometers (Mixed Gender Race)2:59:54Desiree Linden37USADorena Lake, OR, USA4/13/21
100 Kilometers6:33:11Tomoe Abe28JapanLake Saroma, Japan6/25/00
3000 Meters Steeplechase08:44.3Beatrice Chepkoech27KenyaMonaco, Monaco7/20/18
100 Meters Hurdles12.2Kendra Harrison23USALondon, Great Britain7/22/16
400 Meters Hurdles51.46Sydney McLaughlin21USATokyo, Japan8/4/21
Heptathlon7291Jackie Joyner-Kersee26USASeoul, South Korea9/24/88
Decathlon8358 pointsAustra Skujytė25LithuaniaColumbia, MO, USA4/15/05
10,000 Meters Race Walk41:56.2Nadezhda Ryashkina23Soviet UnionSeattle, WA, USA7/24/90
20,000 Meters Race Walk1:26:52.3Olimpiada Ivanova31RussiaBrisbane, Australia9/6/01
20 Kilometers Race Walk1:23:49Jiayu Yang25ChinaHuangshan, China3/20/21
50 Kilometers Race Walk3:59:15Hong Liu31ChinaHuangshan, China3/9/19
4×100 Meters Relay40.82United StatesUSALondon, Great Britain8/10/12
4×200 Meters Relay01:27.5United States BlueUSAPhiladelphia, PA, USA4/29/00
4×400 Meters Relay03:15.2Soviet UnionSoviet UnionSeoul, South Korea10/1/88
4×800 Meters Relay07:50.2Soviet UnionSoviet UnionMoskva, Soviet Union8/5/84
4×1500 Meters Relay16:27.0Nike/Bowerman Track ClubUSAPortland, OR, USA7/31/20
Road Relay2:11:41Pr Of ChinaChinaBeijing, China2/28/98
Distance Medley Relay10:36.5United StatesUSANassau, Bahamas5/2/15
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Women’s Running World Records (Indoors)

EventWorld RecordRecord HolderAge At Time of RecordCountryVenue LocationDate Of Record
50 Meters5.96Irina Privalova26RussiaMadrid, Spain2/9/95
60 Meters6.92Irina Privalova24RussiaMadrid, Spain2/11/93
60 Meters6.92Irina Privalova26RussiaMadrid, Spain2/9/95
200 Meters21.87Merlene Ottey32JamaicaLiévin, France2/13/93
400 Meters49.59Jarmila Kratochvílová31CzechoslovakiaMilano, Italy3/7/82
800 Meters01:55.8Jolanda Čeplak25SloveniaWien, Austria3/3/02
1000 Meters02:30.9Maria De Lurdes Mutola26MozambiqueStockholm, Sweden2/25/99
1500 Meters03:53.1Gudaf Tsegay23EthiopiaLiévin, France2/9/21
One Mile04:13.3Genzebe Dibaba25EthiopiaStockholm, Sweden2/17/16
3000 Meters08:16.6Genzebe Dibaba22EthiopiaStockholm, Sweden2/6/14
5000 Meters14:18.9Genzebe Dibaba24EthiopiaStockholm, Sweden2/19/15
50 Meters Hurdles6.58Cornelia Oschkenat26East GermanyBerlin, Germany2/20/88
Pentathlon5013 pointsNataliya Dobrynska29UkraineIstanbul, Turkey3/9/12
3000 Meters Race Walk11:40.0Claudia Iovan20RomaniaBucureşti, Romania1/30/99
4×200 Meters Relay01:32.4RussiaRussiaGlasgow, Great Britain1/29/05
4×400 Meters Relay03:23.4RussiaRussiaGlasgow, Great Britain1/28/06
4×800 Meters Relay08:05.9United StatesUSANew York, NY, USA2/3/18

Which running world record is most impressive to you? Which record would you most want to hold?

Let’s help you work towards your personal best with one of our very own training plans!

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