The Best Total Body Gym Workout For Runners To Get Strong

We have heard repeatedly that strength training is imperative for runners. And it is! It helps us build strength, improve our running performance, and assist in injury prevention. As a running coach, I recommend that my athletes incorporate two weekly strength training sessions into their training plan. There are many ways to incorporate strength workouts … Read more

The 10 Best Stretches For Runners To Add To Your Post-Run Routine

You hear it all the time; don’t forget to stretch! Stretching exercises as part of your pre-run and post-run routines continue to be a disputed topic. Various studies show1Mojock, C. D., Kim, J.-S., Eccles, D. W., & Panton, L. B. (2011). The Effects of Static Stretching on Running Economy and Endurance Performance in Female Distance … Read more

The 15 Best Dynamic Stretches For Runners

As running is a high-impact sport, it’s crucial we take extra good care of our bodies so we can enjoy running long into our futures.  A well-integrated training plan will not only include your running workouts and training loads, but a number of other essential components to help us become well-rounded, strong, and healthy athletes.  … Read more

Here’s What Happens When You Go Walking 10 Miles A Day [What To Expect]

Walking 10 miles without stopping requires a solid fitness level and well-developed muscular endurance. There’s nothing easy about walking 10 miles a day, and athletes who do so need to take care of their bodies to stay healthy and strong to keep up this habit.

Whether you’re aiming to boost cardiovascular health, shed excess weight, or simply embrace a more active lifestyle, walking offers a host of benefits.

What is Fastpacking? Expert Advice On Fastpack planning and gear

When I first learned about fastpacking, I was shocked that I had never conceived the idea myself.  After all, I loved backpacking trips on the Appalachian Trail with my family growing up. Now that I enjoy trail running, combining the two activities into one unique endurance adventure sport seems natural. Fastpacking is a unique hybrid … Read more

How Many Exercises Per Muscle Group Should You Do?

There are many training variables to juggle when building a solid workout plan. Still, arguably, the two most important ones are what exercises you will do and how many repetitions you will need to perform for each one. Although there’s much discussion about the best strength training exercises based on various fitness goals, the question … Read more

The Benefits Of Running A Mile A Day + A How-To Guide

As a Certified Running Coach, I’m always excited when new runners come to me for coaching or want tips on how to get started running. Sometimes, beginners have super lofty running goals—like running a half marathon or marathon—and while I’m always thrilled to support the ambitions of new runners, I try to make it clear … Read more

Carbs For Runners: The Best Carb Sources To Fuel Your Runs

Many of the most popular weight loss diets are low-carb diets. However, for endurance athletes such as long-distance runners, carbohydrates are a key source of energy not only for your actual running workouts but also for supporting your overall energy needs and recovering from all of the training that you do.1Ludwig, D. S., Hu, F. … Read more

13 Benefits Of A 24-Hour Fast Once A Week

Fasting can be a polarizing concept in the world of diet and nutrition, especially when it comes to doing a prolonged fast, such as a 24-hour fast once a week. Some dietitians and healthcare providers say fasting is detrimental to your health and does not sustainably promote weight loss. On the other hand, some health … Read more

12 Essential Pre-Run Stretches: The Best Stretches To Do Before A Run

Stretching routines. Another task to add to the list of all things running. We all know that post-run stretches are important to cool down, work our flexibility, and help prevent injuries, but what about before running? As a UESCA-certified running coach, I strongly suggest that all of my athletes warm up before their running workouts … Read more

30 Quotes To Boost Teamwork And Ignite Collaboration

In this article, we’d like to share some amazing teamwork quotes to encourage collaboration, strengthen team spirit, promote friendly workplace relationships, and inspire hard work. Individuals, no matter how gifted they are, can’t accomplish so much on their own. Success often necessitates a collaborative effort, with every participant contributing distinct skills and insights to the … Read more

30 Powerful Female Fitness Quotes To Inspire And Motivate

Do you need some extra motivation to work out this morning, or having a hard time staying committed to your fitness journey? Well, now you can inspire yourself with these female fitness quotes and learn how you can overcome your fitness challenges. In this article, we’ve compiled some inspirational female fitness quotes from different well-known … Read more

Is The Keto Diet Healthy? 5 Common Mistakes Made When On Keto

When considering taking on a low-carb diet plan, many people ask, “is the Keto diet safe, and is the keto diet bad for you?” In general, the keto diet can be safe and healthy for many people, but you should speak with your doctor and/or work with a registered dietitian (RD) or knowledgeable nutritionist prior … Read more