Marathon Training Meal Plans: Free Download

When in marathon training, what you eat is just as important as how you train.

Your diet has to both fuel your training, and optimise your recovery.

Getting the quantities and ratios of macronutrients right can be a balancing act – it’s easy to make the wrong decision, or eat poorly due to not having a plan.

Get a head-start and download our 7-page PDF marathon training meal plan today! 

It includes options for both regular diets and vegetarian diets!

Overview Of What’s Included:

  • The Principles of Marathon Training Nutrition:
    A guide to the role each macronutrient plays in your marathon training nutrition strategy. We also discuss hydration and food quality.
  • Practical Tips for Marathon Training Nutrition:
    Some actionable ideas as to how to incorporate these meal plans and proper marathon training nutrition into your diet.
  • Example Meal Plan: Training
    A one-week meal plan for runners with no dietary restrictions, detailing each meal (including snacks) and packed with potential recipe ideas
  • Example Vegetarian Meal Plan: Training
    A one-week meal plan for vegetarian runners! As above but with meat-free options.  Note: the meal ideas in this plan can of course be used by any runner, you don’t have to be vegetarian!
  • Example Meal Plan: The Week Before 
    In the week prior to your marathon, you should begin to consume a little bit more carbohydrates to fill up your stores – we call this carb loading.  This meal plan has a bunch of new meal ideas, and incorporates options with more carbs in the days before the marathon.
  • Example Vegetarian Meal Plan: The Week Before
    This is the ‘week before your marathon’ meal plan for vegetarians! It includes all-veg options which help you load up on those carbs prior to your big day!
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