Want To Feel Old? The Viral Video “It’s The Perfect Texture For Running” Turns 10 Years Old


A decade ago, amidst the wintry chill of February 2014, a seemingly mundane news clip captured the hearts and chuckles of internet denizens worldwide. 

Fast forward to the present day, and that iconic video featuring a couple undeterred by Portland’s snow-covered streets has reached its 10th anniversary.

In the clip, originally aired by KOIN, reporter Lisa Balick stumbled upon a Portland couple defying the winter weather with their brisk jog. 

When asked about their unconventional choice of activity in such conditions, the woman nonchalantly quipped, “It’s the perfect texture for running.” Her companion chimed in with agreement, emphasizing, “It’s too nice to not be out here.”

However, fate had its own sense of humor in store. 

As they turned to continue their run, the woman took an unexpected spill on a patch of ice, creating a moment of comedic gold. 

Little did they know, this unintentional mishap would catapult them to internet stardom, sparking a viral sensation that continues to resonate a decade later. Every snowfall in Portland reignites the question: Is it indeed the perfect texture for running?

Reflecting on the incident, the woman, identified as Chelsea Bauch, shared her perspective with Deadspin shortly after the video’s meteoric rise to fame. Despite the tumble and ensuing soreness, she embraced the absurdity of the situation, finding solace in the sheer irony of it all.

Want To Feel Old? The Viral Video "It's The Perfect Texture For Running" Turns 10 Years Old 1

As the years passed, the memory of that iconic moment continued to persist. While Chelsea has since relocated, joining her running partner Michael, their story remains a fond internet memory in the running world.

Despite being the 10th anniversary of Portland’s “perfect texture for running” moment, we still get a chuckle out of ourselves every time we see it. 

In a world often fraught with challenges, may we find joy in the simple pleasures and unexpected moments that unite us all, one timeless viral video at a time.

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