Top 20 Motivational Running Quotes To Get Your Legs Moving

Mental stamina is a key attribute to long-distance running. Consequently, motivational running quotes can help strengthen the mind and improve your performance. Many people glance at inspirational quotes and dismiss them as ‘feel good’ or ‘self-help,’ but solid motivational quotes can actually help you become a better runner… if you use them right.  It’s been … Read more

The 18 Best Running Mantras To Encourage You On Your Run

Being a good runner is about more than having a strong body; it is also about having a strong mind. 

Running mantras are a tool that can be used by any runner to help them push through when the going gets tough. 

With running, you can almost always go further, or faster, or steeper, than you think. It is often your mind that gives up before your body does.

Our 30 Favorite Funny Running Quotes, For Every Occasion

If you’re a runner, you’ve got to take some time to chuckle at these funny running quotes. Embrace the pain or pleasure that comes with the territory of getting strong and fit. 

Everyone goes through the pain of running when they first begin or finish their first big race, but every runner learns to love the sport and find a way to carry on.

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