The Parkrun Essential Guide + Expert Tips To Improve Your 5k Time

Depending on where you live in the world and your involvement in the local running scene, you might be well acquainted with parkruns (lowercase P in there), or it may be a totally foreign concept. Parkruns are free, weekly, community running or walking events that take place in 23 different countries around the world. Your … Read more

What’s A Good 5k Time? Average Times To Run A 5k By Age + Sex

One of the first significant running benchmarks is the all-famous 5k. There is an excellent variety of Couch to 5k programs out there to get you started on your first running journey. Still, for those who are more experienced, you may want to ask the burning question, what’s a good 5k time?  According to a study … Read more

How Long Is a 5k in Miles? 5k Training Guide

You’ve seen posters all over the place boasting fun 5k races. The Jingle Bell 5k, The Turkey Trot, Rock n’ Roll 5k, MLK5k, the selection is limitless. They are everywhere, and they look like so much fun. I’m telling you they are; they really are so much fun.  After seeing all of these flashy advertisements, … Read more