8 Practical Tips For Your Couch To 5k Journey

So you’ve decided to join us; welcome to the runners’ club! Congratulations on deciding to run your first 5k race and wanting to soak up all the tips and tricks beforehand to have the best possible experience as you get started on your running journey. The Couch to 5k journey is an amazing adventure that … Read more

Couch To 5k For Kids: Motivate Your Kids To Run Their First 5k

Most parents can remember a time when their child was young and constantly on the move; running around from here to there as if their energy was a never ending, overflowing reservoir.  Then, as children grow up they are exposed to highly engaging media and screen time and the rigidity and structure of sitting all … Read more

Top 7 Couch to 5k Mistakes to Avoid 

The Couch to 5k training plan is a running schedule for beginner runners to train them to run a 5k (or 3.1 miles) after a month or two. It is a wonderful plan to help people get hooked on the healthy habit of running—and has done so effectively for years.  However, there are a bunch … Read more