8 Practical Tips For Your Couch To 5k Journey

So you’ve decided to join us; welcome to the runners’ club! Congratulations on deciding to run your first 5k and wanting to soak up all the tips and tricks beforehand to have the best possible experience. The Couch to 5k journey is an amazing adventure that will fill you with excitement and emotion as you … Read more

Top 7 Couch to 5k Mistakes to Avoid 

The Couch to 5k training plan is a running schedule for beginner runners to train them to run a 5k (or 3.1 miles) after a month or two. It is a wonderful plan to help people get hooked on the healthy habit of running—and has done so effectively for years.  However, there are a bunch … Read more

Couch to 5k Treadmill Guide: Training Plan + How-To

Are you interested in taking on a Couch to 5k training plan, but don’t have the availability to train outside?  Look no further because we have a solution for you!  The Couch To 5k program is perfect for getting anyone off the sofa and kick-starting their running journey. You can tackle our Couch to 5k … Read more