How Long Does It Take To Train For A Half Marathon? 3 Important Factors To Consider

After your first, fifth, or 50th 5k, you might set your sights even higher and take interest in testing your endurance with a longer race.  Perhaps you’ll gradually increase your distance by running a few 10k races, but what if you decide to jump to a half marathon right away? Or if you’ve already run … Read more

What’s The Fastest Half Marathon Time Ever? Progression Of The Half Marathon World Record

The half marathon is now one of the most popular race distances—at least in the United States—falling second to only the 5k. However, despite the high participation rates, and the relatively long history of the event being contested, the world record in the half marathon has only been officially recognized by the International Association of … Read more

The 12 Best Half Marathons In The USA + 9 Honorable Mentions

The half marathon has become one of the most popular race distances; it’s long enough to be deeply gratifying and challenging while short enough that the training doesn’t have to take over your life. Another perk of the half marathon distance is that as the popularity of the event has skyrocketed, so too has the … Read more

What’s A Good Half Marathon Time? Average Times By Age + Sex

​​Aside from the 5k, the half marathon is the most popular race distance worldwide, with 2.1 million participants in 2018, according to the International Institute of Sports Medicine.  Many runners gravitate towards the half marathon because it’s a nice sweet spot between the shorter distances like the 5k and 10k and the unforgiving and time-consuming … Read more

How Long Is A Half Marathon? 4 Ways To Measure It

So how many miles is a half marathon, seems like an easy enough question. The official half marathon distance is 13.1094 miles or 21.0975 kilometers in length. This is how long any standard half marathon that you enter would (or should) be. (For a full marathon it is just double this, 26.219 miles or 42.195 kilometers.) This … Read more