8 Effective Tips For Long Run Recovery

The long run.  It’s one of the most anticipated workouts of the week, where we get to develop our endurance and work toward our goal race distance, whether it be a 5K, half marathon, or an ultramarathon. Most training plans include one weekly long run, often on a weekend day due to busy weekday schedules, … Read more

8 Long Run Variations To Build Endurance

Whether we run road or trail, weekly long runs are crucial for our training as they prepare our bodies and minds for our goal race mileage. If you ever need to skip a training session, as a running coach I beg you, please don’t sacrifice the long run!  During long runs, you simulate your race … Read more

Half Marathon Long Run: How Long Should Your Longest Run Be?

Long runs are the bread and butter of any long-distance running goal, whether it be a full marathon or half marathon distance. They are where you build endurance and mental toughness and prepare your body for the goal distance.  But how long should your longest half marathon long run be?  The number of miles for … Read more

What To Eat The Night Before A Long Run For Maximum Results

Runners, especially those in marathon training and ultramarathon training, put a lot of effort into planning their hydration and nutrition strategies for while they are running, and especially while they are racing. While focusing on fueling during runs is important, preparing your body by establishing what to eat the night before a long run or … Read more

The Marathon Long Run: Essential Guide + Variations To Try

The marathon long run is arguably the primary differentiating factor between a marathon training program and training for a shorter race, such as a 5k, 10k, or even half marathon. Because the full marathon distance is a whopping 26.2 miles or 42.16 km, runners must build up their aerobic endurance to handle the marathon on … Read more

Ultramarathon Long Runs: How Long Should Your Longest Long Run Be?

Every runner wants to be fully prepared and confident about their fitness and ability to finish their race when they stand behind the starting line on race day. In order to get to that place, you have to have trained properly for the event to ensure your body and mind have the endurance, strength, and … Read more

The Ultimate LSD Run Guide: Long Slow Distance Running, Explained

One of the great ironies in running is the concept of running slow to get faster.  Sure, it’s easy to understand how speed workouts, strides, hill sprints, and tempo runs can help you run faster over time, but the same can’t really be said about doing really slow runs at a jogging pace. It’s just … Read more

How You’re Screwing Up Your Long Runs

Many runners are conflicted or confused about the advice that long runs should normally be done at a slow and conversational pace – in this post, I’m going to dig into the details and reasoning behind this. Long runs are easily the most popular topic that runners email me about. As an online running coach, … Read more