Pikes Peak Marathon Guide

The Pikes Peak Marathon is often described as one of the toughest marathons in the world. It is the oldest continually held marathon in the United States and one of the first that women were legally allowed to run. The Pikes Peak Ascent is part of the Golden Trail World Series. In this guide, we … Read more

Running The Length Of Britain: 5 Lessons Learned From JOGLE

In late July 2015, as I lay on my parents’ sofa in Edinburgh, icing a painfully swollen knee, I began to question the sense of my recent undertaking. I’d decided to run the length of the UK, from John O’Groats to Land’s End (colloquially, a JOGLE). Worse than that, I’d told everyone I knew about … Read more

Ultra Race Romania 2022 – Race Report

Ultra Race Romania – the land where legends are born and strong friendships and unforgettable memories are made! Ultra Race Romania is an exceptional race, demanding and difficult, but without that great challenge the memories of pushing yourself to the limit just would not be the same. Ultra Race Romania is a 250 km race … Read more

Snowdon Skyrace – Race Report

A couple of months ago I wrote an article on Skyrunning (check that article out here). In my research for it, I ended up getting totally sidetracked and scrolling through upcoming Skyraces. In the process, I stumbled across the Snowdon Skyrace, a Welsh race not too far from my home in the UK. I called … Read more

Hitting The Wall at 18km – The Cautionary Tale of My First 100km Ultra

In this guest post, Tim Hopkin shares the story of his first 100km event, the Thames Path Challenge; including how he hit ‘The Wall’ after 18km! Firstly, apologies for what may be a slightly clickbaity title. But if ‘the wall’ is the point in your run when you feel physically and mentally at your lowest, … Read more

Wizz Air Skopje Marathon – Field Report

Macedonia’s capital of Skopje hosted it’s annual marathon this past weekend.  In this guest post, local Slavko Desik gives his field report from the event, along with a wealth of local information for any runners interested in checking out a future edition of the event. Recurring annually around the beginning of May, the Wizz Air Skopje Marathon … Read more

Global Limits Bhutan – The Last Secret – 200km Race Report

The Global Limits ‘Last Secret’ race is a six-stage 200km race through the unique kingdom of Bhutan.   Here, Colin Harper shares his epic account of the race in the Land of Happiness . . . (Warning:  ultra-length post ahead!) The Global Limits series of stage races are a well-established set of adventure running through … Read more

Marathon Des Sables – An Honest Account From An Under-Prepared Runner

The Marathon Des Sables is a 250km self-supported race across the Sahara desert.

Now with over 1200 entrants each year, the event is the biggest of it’s kind on the planet.

Participants usually train for months to condition their bodies and prepare for the race – but often other commitments and time limitations mean many runners turn up at the start line under-prepared.  James Bowkett gives his first hand account of participating in the Marathon Des Sables, his first ever ultra-marathon, with less preparation than he would’ve liked . . .

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The Way Of Legends – Race Report

In September 2016 I ran the inaugural edition of the ‘ The Way of Legends ‘ stage race through Northern Spain.  Steeped in local history, culture and gastronomy, this fantastically-supported event is a first-class example of boutique ultra-running, and is set to become a regular race on the must-do multi-day lists.

By Thomas Watson

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