Runner’s Stomach: Causes, Treatment And Prevention

Any gastrointestinal symptom can cause a surprising degree of interference when you run.  Whether you are nauseous, gassy, or have diarrhea or constipation, if your GI system is causing some detectable symptom, it can throw your workout off. Runner’s stomach is a common issue that causes problems such as bloating, nausea, diarrhea, and stomach cramps … Read more

Blisters From Running – How to Prevent and Treat Them

If you’re a runner, there’s no doubt you’ve experienced blisters before. They are an incredibly common running injury, and while some of us are more susceptible than others, whether you are running a 5K or an ultra, they can strike any runner’s feet. 1Brennan, F. H. (2002). Managing Blisters in Competitive Athletes. Current Sports Medicine Reports, 1(6), … Read more

Tight Shins When Running? 8 Reasons Why + How To Fix It

Almost every runner is familiar with shin splints, whether they have personally suffered from the condition themselves or they have a fellow running buddy who has. Tight shins when running are unfortunately common, particularly among beginner runners. However, there are plenty of experienced runners who find themselves battling tight shins from time to time. Why … Read more

How To Fix Duck Feet: 10 Exercises To Improve Posture

Although we don’t have to put much thought into walking, it’s a fairly complicated process involving the coordinated interplay of quite a number of bones, joints, and muscles. While we hear about proper joint alignment, we don’t often hear about proper foot positioning. In fact, most people take the alignment of their feet when they … Read more

Nausea After Running? What To Do About It

If you’ve ever finished a particularly hard running workout or given it your all in a race, your immediate surge of glory and pride might be partially clouded by the sudden urge to vomit. Nausea after running is an unfortunately common, and certainly undesirable, side effect of hard-intensity exercise and can put a damper on … Read more

Why Do I Taste Blood When I Run? 6 Causes + Solutions

Some odd sensations can be experienced when you run. You can feel lightheaded or dizzy; itchy, and during hard workouts, you can feel an uncomfortable, burning sensation in your legs. It’s also possible to have strange taste sensations when you run. In fact, a surprising number of runners may sometimes have the unpleasant experience of … Read more

Chest Pain When Running? Here Are 8 Potential Causes

We all know that running is good for the heart and lungs. Within just the first minute or so of any run, you can start to feel your pulse increasing as your heart beats faster to pump enough oxygenated blood to your working muscles.  Some runners notice mild chest tightness or heaviness when they first … Read more

The 6 Best Essential Oils for Athlete’s Foot

As runners, taking excellent care of our feet is a priority and should be at the top of our list.

If you follow this quick guide, you will have a much better chance at avoiding athlete’s foot altogether and in the unlucky event that you contract it, know how to treat it with essential oils for athlete’s foot.

The following six essential oils have antifungal, antiseptic, and even anti-inflammatory properties that can assist in relieving athlete foot and its symptoms.

Running With Sciatica: Is It Safe To Run?

Sciatica, a condition characterized by radiating pain down the leg, often raises questions about its impact on physical activities like running.

Although it is generally safe to run with sciatica, it’s important to approach it cautiously and manage it properly.

In this comprehensive guide, MD Amy Whitson explores various aspects of sciatica, offering insights into its symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and management strategies.

Coughing After Running? Here Are 10 Possible Causes with Solutions

Coughing after running, sometimes reffered to as runner’s cough, can happen to beginners and advanced runners alike. There are multiple possible causes that can provoke runner’s cough, including weather conditions, allergies, the athlete’s current fitness level, and even underlying medical conditions. In this guide to coughing after running, we will discuss the ten most common … Read more

Why Do My Ears Hurt When I Run? 11 Possible Causes + Solutions 

Runners can experience a wide variety of ailments, from headaches and dizziness after running to lower back and muscle pain. As a running coach, I have also had athletes ask, “Why do my ears hurt when I run?” or, “Why do my ears hurt after running?” There are various common causes of ear pain after … Read more

How To Prevent Runner’s Diarrhea (+ What Causes It)

As someone with celiac disease and ulcerative colitis, I have a highly sensitive digestive tract and had my fair share of experience with gastrointestinal problems. As a kid, I was quite self-conscious about my frequently upset stomach and all of the foods I had to avoid in order to maintain some semblance of a calm … Read more

Chafing And Running: How To Prevent Chafing While Running

Chafing is most common in long-distance runners, cyclists, triathletes, or other endurance athletes because it takes time and repetitive friction for skin abrasion to develop. The good news is that there are effective steps you can take to help prevent chafing while running. In this guide to chafing and running, we will do a head-to-toe … Read more