Quad Cramps During Exercise? Why, What To Do, + How To Avoid It!

Almost every runner, cyclist, triathlete, and even weightlifter has experienced a dreaded quad cramp or quad muscle spasm during a workout or a quad spasm after your workout is over. Leg cramps while running or exercising are quite common, though that doesn’t make them any easier to deal with. But, what causes cramping in quads … Read more

Why Do I Struggle To Breathe When Running? 4 Potential Causes

Lots of new runners ask questions such as, “Why do I run out of breath so easily?” or “Why do I struggle to breathe when running?” Feeling like you’re huffing and puffing or totally out of breath while running is certainly not uncommon. There are quite a number of potential causes of shortness of breath … Read more

Acid Reflux When Running? 4 Causes + Helpful Tips To Prevent It

Running can be associated with uncomfortable sensations such as feeling out of breath, like your legs are heavy or on fire, and potentially feeling nauseous or like you need to run to the bathroom. Although less common, some runners also experience acid reflux when running or what may be described as heartburn when running. But, … Read more

Runner’s Stomach: What It Is, What Causes It + 4 Tips To Prevent It

Any type of gastrointestinal symptom can cause a surprising degree of interference when you run. Whether you are nauseous, gassy, or have diarrhea or constipation, if your GI system is causing some sort of detectable symptom, it can throw your workout off. Runner’s stomach is a common issue that causes problems such as bloating, nausea, diarrhea, … Read more

Overhydration Symptoms + Helpful Tips To Prevent It In The First Place

As runners, we are typically concerned with dehydration. We worry that we aren’t taking in enough fluids during our training or as we go about our day. Therefore, we ensure we drink plenty of water throughout the day and take in fluids during our intervals, long runs, and races. Dehydration can occur for runners during … Read more

Relative Energy Deficiency In Sport -How It Affects A Runner’s Energy

A couple of decades ago, there was a condition frequently seen in competitive female athletes, particularly in sports that emphasize a lean physique or that involve a high energy output, including distance running, gymnastics, figure skating, and cross-country skiing, termed the female athlete triad. This condition was characterized by the presence of three interrelated symptoms: … Read more

Why Do My Lungs Burn When I Run? 6 Likely Causes

Some beginners complain that their lungs burn when running or that their lungs hurt after running.  Even more experienced runners may find that occasionally (or sometimes frequently), their lungs burn while running. So, what causes your lungs to burn when you run? In this article, we will discuss reasons why your lungs burn during running, … Read more

4 Common Signs Of Weak Glutes + How To Strengthen Them

The glutes, or gluteal muscles, are the muscles in your butt that are responsible for hip extension and stabilizing the hips. The gluteus maximus is the largest and strongest gluteal muscle. It is involved in extending the leg at the hip and driving powerful hip extension when you run, jump, climb stairs, and walk up … Read more

Why Runners’ Toenails Fall Off + 4 Helpful Tips To Prevent It

There are lots of wonderful things that running can do for your body. To name a few, your muscles become stronger and more defined, your heart becomes more efficient, and your body composition improves. However, running is also hard on your body, and the repetitive nature and impact of your foot hitting the ground stride … Read more

Nausea After Running? 5 Potential Causes + Solutions

If you’ve ever finished a particularly hard running workout or given it your all in a race, your immediate surge of glory and pride might be partially clouded by the sudden urge to vomit. Nausea after running is an unfortunately common, and certainly undesirable, side effect of hard exercise and can put a damper on … Read more

How To Help Chafing: The Complete Guide To Preventing + Healing It

It’s happened to almost all of us: your workout is going perfectly well, but whether it is rainy, unusually hot and humid, or you are trying out a new sports bra or a pair of shorts, the wrong factors have overlapped to create every exerciser’s nemesis—chafing. Chafing does not discriminate. Whether you are a beginner … Read more

Runner’s Dystonia: What Is It? Symptoms, Causes And Treatment

A few years ago, very few runners had ever heard of runner’s dystonia. But, when world championships silver medalist and two-time Olympian Kara Goucher announced that she has been diagnosed with runner’s dystonia on Instagram in February, 2022, the number of searches and amount of dialogue in the running community about the rare affliction increased … Read more

Can You Work Out With A UTI? + 5 Tips For Exercising With A UTI

Once you get into a fitness routine, it almost becomes second nature to head to the gym, hop on your spin bike, or go for your run. If anything, the challenge becomes dealing with the frustration when you can’t exercise. If you have an injury or illness, you might have to modify your exercise routine … Read more

How To Fix Duck Feet: 10 Exercises To Improve Posture

Although we don’t have to put much thought into walking, it’s a fairly complicated process involving the coordinated interplay of quite a number of bones, joints, and muscles. While we hear about proper joint alignment, we don’t often hear about proper foot positioning. In fact, most people take for granted the alignment of their feet … Read more