Pre-Run Routine: What To Do Before a Run + 10 Activation Exercises

Running isn’t just about running. To be a well-rounded athlete and truly excel as a runner, we need to include many other components into our training schedule, such as adequate rest, healthy nutrition, physical therapy; the list goes on and on. But our focus today is on our pre-run routine – many people don’t actually … Read more

The Complete Track Running Guide: Best Track Workouts For Runners

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Yasso 800s Guide: How To + Marathon Time Predictor

Yasso 800s are a classic speed workout that are widely used by distance runners. Yasso 800s have become a staple workout in many marathon training plans – and can be used to predict your marathon finishing time (we’ll get into how accurate they are later). Today, we’re going to discuss Yasso 800s in-depth, and see … Read more

Fartlek Run Training: How To + 8 Fartlek Variations!

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8 Powerful Running Drills To Improve Your Speed and Running Form

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Tempo Runs: What Is A Tempo Run, How To Do Them

Tempo runs are one of those running workouts which every runner should really be doing; they’re a moderate-to-hard intensity training run, designed to make you a faster and stronger runner. They’re a staple of established endurance athletes across the globe. In this article, we’re going to get into: What are tempo runs, how to run … Read more

Running Strides Guide: Benefits + How To Run Strides

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6 Agility Ladder Drills to Make You a Stronger Runner

Agility ladder drills are an awesome tool for runners: they’re very effective as a form of cross-training, they improve your explosive power abilities – making you a faster runner – improve co-ordination, and also make a great warm-up exercise. In this article, I’ll explain why agility ladder drills are so important to runners and how … Read more