9 Great Track Drills To Make You A Faster Runner

Track drills can be helpful to any runner’s training regimen, whether you’re an aspiring sprinter, a seasoned marathoner, a beginner, or someone looking to enhance fitness.  These drills build the fundamental skills necessary for speed and endurance and improve overall running form, strength, and agility.  Track drills focus on various aspects of running mechanics, including … Read more

Running Strides Guide: Everything You Need To Know To Get Faster

Running strides are one of the foundational types of running drills that you can add to the end of a run to improve your maximum speed, neuromuscular coordination, and turnover. Beginners and distance runners focusing on shorter distance races may also do an entire strides workout with pick-ups done at your top speed or accelerations … Read more

How To Do The Shuttle Run Drill + 3 Tips For Success

Running drills will not only improve your speed, form, precision, and running technique but can also be a great benchmark exercise to assess your progress in terms of your conditioning and fitness level over time. Shuttle run drills, a quick 20m repetition-based running fitness test, can improve all of these metrics, and the shuttle run … Read more

6 Great Track Workouts For Sprinters

Every sprinter knows that to run faster, you need to do high intensity track workouts. Track workouts for sprinters help develop speed, power, acceleration, and speed endurance, which is your ability to maintain your speed for a longer period of time. So, what are the best track workouts for sprinters? To get faster, which running … Read more

5 Great Track Workouts For Distance Runners

The primary purpose of track workouts for distance runners is to help develop your speed, comfort running faster, familiarity with race pace, and aerobic and anaerobic capacity., depending on the nature of the intervals you are running and the relative intensity. But what are the best track workouts for distance runners?  In this article, we … Read more

The Suicides Exercise Running Drill, Explained + 6 Tips To Do It Right

A common and extremely challenging running drill taken on by runners, basketball players, soccer players, football players, and athletes training for other sports is the suicides exercise or drill. Running suicides is likely a memory that nearly all of us have from our days participating in youth athletics (or perhaps one we tried to forget, … Read more

7 Effective Treadmill Workouts For Runners

The majority of runners usually prefer to run outdoors in the fresh air, taking even an outdoor rainy or snowy run over the boredom and monotony of running indoors on a treadmill.  For this reason, the running community has even created a tongue-in-cheek nickname for the treadmill—the “dreadmill”—to encapsulate the only-if-you-have-to attitude many runners harbor … Read more

A Skips Drill: Your New Favorite Drill To Improve Your Running Form

Runners often hear about the importance of proper running form; we know that running with good form can reduce our risk of injury and improve our performance. However, the practical side of things is trickier: how do you improve your running form? Although there are a couple of effective methods, one of the best ways … Read more