Here’s How To Improve Running Form Instantly: 29 Helpful Cues

Every runner wants to have good running form.  Running with proper form not only helps you look as graceful as an Olympic marathon runner—perhaps saving you from passers-by staring at your hunched-over body, shuffling feet, and pained expression—but it can also make running feel more effortless, natural, and pain-free. Additionally, running with proper form can … Read more

Running Foot Strike Guide: Is There A ‘Proper’ Foot Strike To Aim For?

If you’ve ever had a gait analysis when you go into the running store for a new pair of shoes, you’ve probably been told what your running foot strike looks like. Perhaps you’re a heel striker, also called a rearfoot striker, like most recreational distance runners. Or, maybe the shoe fit expert told you you’re a … Read more

The Pose Method Of Running: How To Get Results With Proper Form  

One of the most common questions new runners have is, “What does proper running form look like?” The Pose Method of Running could be just what you’ve been looking for! Beginner runners are often somewhat self-conscious about their running form or very much in their head while they run, thinking about how they’re swinging their arms, … Read more

Running Gait Analysis: What To Expect + Benefits + How It Works

Depending on where you purchased your first pair of running shoes, your first foray into running may have involved a gait analysis by a shoe fit expert at your local running store. If so, that might have been your first and only running gait analysis. Moreover, although many specialty running shoe stores do offer a … Read more

Is Heel Striking Dangerous? The Latest Research on Heel Strike vs Forefoot Running

As any runner who strikes the ground with their heel first has probably been told, to heel strike is considered by many as a cardinal sin when it comes to good running form. There are two main accusations laid against heel striking: increased injury rate and reduced running efficiency. This ‘lump of bone’ is ill-equipped … Read more

Running Economy Explained: What It Is, 5 Workouts To Improve It

Running Economy is one of those terms that is often batted around by runners and coaches, perhaps without much understanding of what it means. At its heart, a runner’s Running Economy is a measure of how efficiently they run. Actually defining Running Economy – what it really is, and how to measure it, can be … Read more

Proper Running Form: 9 Tips to make It Effortless

Let’s talk about proper running form. You might assume that when it comes to proper running form its a different strokes for different folks kind of situation. Every body is different right? Not quite. There are some fundamental pillars of good running form, and on the flip side, of bad running form. In fact, most … Read more