Top 20 Motivational Running Quotes To Get Your Legs Moving

Mental stamina is a key attribute to long-distance running. Consequently, motivational running quotes can help strengthen the mind and improve your performance. Many people glance at inspirational quotes and dismiss them as ‘feel good’ or ‘self-help,’ but solid motivational quotes can actually help you become a better runner… if you use them right.  It’s been … Read more

The 18 Best Running Mantras To Encourage You On Your Run

Being a good runner is about more than having a strong body; it is also about having a strong mind. 

Running mantras are a tool that can be used by any runner to help them push through when the going gets tough. 

With running, you can almost always go further, or faster, or steeper, than you think. It is often your mind that gives up before your body does.

What To Do If Your Running Motivation Drops: 5 Pro Runner Tips!

Even if you love running, there’s a good chance that there are days when you just don’t feel like heading out the door and putting in the miles.  Particularly when it is cold and dark outside—as summer transitions into fall and then winter—you might find that your running motivation can wane. This can feel disorienting … Read more

Here Are The 12 Best Running Movies Ever Made

When you are training for a race or just looking for some extra inspiration on your running journey, watching a running movie can be just the motivational ticket you need to find a newfound commitment and pep in your step to tackle your training program. While everyone’s preferences in movies about running will vary somewhat, … Read more

Great Running Movies On Netflix + Other Streaming Services Right Now

Watching a running movie is a great way to find inspiration for your own running or live vicariously through fictional characters that love the sport of running as much as you do. So, since most of our movie watching now takes place on streaming platforms rather than picking up a DVD at a movie rental … Read more

Exercise Adherence: 14 Tips On How To Stick To Your Training Plan

One of the biggest challenges that people face after they start an exercise plan is sticking to it. There is any number of reasons that might make it hard to keep up your workout routine.  Sometimes, we do too much too soon and become disenfranchised with how sore we feel or how challenging the workouts are, … Read more

Running Goals: 96 Exciting Goal Ideas For Your Next Training Cycle

Every runner should have at least one running goal. You might want to run a 5k or finish your first marathon. Maybe you have a pace or time goal like breaking four hours in the marathon or running a mile in under 8 minutes. Goals for runners are like a bottomless gas tank: they are what … Read more

50 David Goggins Quotes for Runners To Get Motivated

Even the most dedicated and driven runners have days where they just don’t feel like lacing up their running shoes and hitting the road for a workout. When your motivation is lacking, it helps to turn to external sources for inspiration to fire you up to chase your dreams as a runner. David Goggins’s quotes … Read more

7 Ways To Stay Motivated and Engaged In Running As You Get Older

Many things in life get better with age – wine, cheese and wisdom just to name a few. However athletic endurance, speed and strength don’t quite make the list. Instead, over time our athletic performance will eventually plateau and begin to decline due to the nature of the ageing process. The age at which you … Read more