Ultramarathon Nutrition Guide: What to eat before, during, and after an Ultra

As ultra runners, you soon learn that our ultramarathon nutrition and fuelling needs to be a priority. Running such long distances requires us to fuel sufficiently to keep up with our constant calorie burning both during actual training runs and also in our overall diet to maintain a healthy body weight and energy levels.  Personally, … Read more

Marathon To Ultramarathon: Make The Leap With Our 7 Expert Tips

As a UESCA-certified running and triathlon coach I work with a lot of half marathons and marathon runners. Although many marathon runners are content with the challenge of the marathon distance and want to work on improving their marathon race times some avid marathoners want to push themselves physically and mentally by stepping up to … Read more

All Day And All Night – The Joys And Horrors Of Running A 24-Hour Race

Long-distance running is peculiar. Each step up in distance requires a sea change in expectations and attitude. To a marathon runner used to loping at an 8-minute mile pace, a half marathon can seem both painfully fast and oddly unsatisfying. To ultramarathoners used to walking or jogging for 50 miles, 100 miles, or more, the … Read more

Ultramarathon Long Runs: How Long Should Your Longest Long Run Be?

Every runner wants to be fully prepared and confident about their fitness and ability to finish their race when they stand behind the starting line on race day. In order to get to that place, you have to have trained properly for the event to ensure your body and mind have the endurance, strength, and … Read more

Women And Ultrarunning: Why Women Make Awesome Ultra Runners

Ultrarunning continues to gain a ton of popularity as runners all over the world are making it their go-to sport. Women and ultrarunning seem to be a match made in heaven as strong women everywhere are completely smashing it on the trails!  More and more women are signing up for and running ultras every day. … Read more

Ultramarathon Motivation: 10 Tips For Staying Motivated In Training

Think back to how you felt the second you received your sign up confirmation email for your upcoming ultramarathon. Ecstatic, right? You might have felt some butterflies in your stomach at first, but I’m sure you couldn’t stop smiling and thinking about how awesome the experience was going to be. But racing is only part … Read more

How To Become An Endurance Monster

What if I told you that the secret to success in your ultramarathon is to become an Endurance Monster? It’s that simple. Or at least, it sounds simple. I’ll describe the characteristics of an Endurance Monster in a second, but first let’s look at …marathons. Related: 7 Bizarre and Interesting Facts From The World of Ultrarunning The Difference … Read more

Ultimate Ultramarathon Training Guide (+ Training Plans)

An ultramarathon is defined as a race longer than a typical marathon of 26.2 miles.  This can be anything from a 50k run to 200 miles; or any distance in-between (they also cover weird events like the 4x4x48 challenge)! Training for an ultramarathon is a huge challenge, and there aren’t many shortcuts. But the reason … Read more

Ultramarathon Training Runs Explained

Training for an ultramarathon requires a totally different training modality to shorter races like half-marathons and marathons. Once you get into races that are 50km, 100km, or 100 miles long, your focus has to change. Instead of training for one concentrated burst, you have to train your body to be an endurance monster. You should prioritise building … Read more

Ultramarathon Preparation: Researching Your Race

Besides training, a large part of your ultramarathon preparation should involve researching your race well beforehand.  This is especially true if you’re travelling to an exotic location to run an ultra. You want to know exactly what you’re going to face during your run so you can prepare adequately, adjusting your training if necessary and … Read more